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  • jedoublen 4w


    It hurts so bad
    To see my kids so sad
    No friends to play
    They used to see them everyday
    Then they were gone
    Like the end of a song
    They ask all the time
    But it's not a choice of mine
    Kids weren't meant to be loners
    They aren't stay at homers
    They need friends
    And to play pretend
    Its such a stuggle
    All I can do is snuggle
    Until this all ends
    No time line in sight
    To end this fight
    Kids need one another
    Not just their mothers
    So tell me when
    Can they see their friends again

  • jedoublen 9w


    I buy my serotonin
    At the store
    Because my brain
    Won't make it anymore
    Whats it like?
    When yours is free
    Do you sleep at night?
    Or stay up like me
    Is your brain quiet?
    Mine never shuts up
    Are your nerves having a riot?
    Cause mine feel corrupt
    I don't understand why
    My brain hates me so much
    It likes to lie
    Just flips a switch
    So enjoy that serotonin
    That your brain makes for free
    I'm gonna go in the morning
    And pick mine up from the pharmacy

  • jedoublen 10w

    Blue Eyes

    Blue eyes full of tears
    Screaming on the inside
    But no one can hear
    Drowning in thoughts
    I no longer control
    Hanging off a cliff
    With no one to hold
    My brain won't shut up
    I just want silence for once
    It tells me I'm not good enough
    That no one loved me
    That no one cares
    Not only does it attack my mind
    But my body too
    This brain is not my friend
    But an enemy
    In my head
    That I cant control
    Lost who I was
    Thanks to this brain
    Stupid bipolar brain

  • jedoublen 10w


    Im anxious
    and Im sad
    Im depressed
    and im mad
    I wish I could be
    like everyone else
    brush off the feelings
    while mine consume me
    no where to run to
    I cant even hide
    its all in my head
    but my soul feels it too
    I lived so long
    not knowing what was wrong
    questions answered
    but no relief given
    just need someone
    to silence the sounds
    constantly in my head

  • jedoublen 10w


    Do you know what it's like
    To live in a home
    Just waiting for the next fight
    Knowing everything you do
    Will never be good enough
    You never let me be myself
    It ruined the image you set out to make
    Nice house, fancy cars, fake smiles
    Walk out the door like it's all okay
    Behind the doors it's a raging storm
    Wonder why she will be mad mad today
    I only get help when I'm falling apart
    Sweep it all under the rug
    Only to lift it up for every fight
    Nothing is ever resolved
    So I keep it all in
    Until the fight erupts again

  • jedoublen 10w

    No One

    I scream so loud
    But no one hears
    I cry so hard
    But no one sees
    I'm dying inside
    But no one feels it
    Except me
    Im suffocating in thoughts
    But no one will help me breathe
    I feel so alone
    But no one is ever home
    Sometimes I want to stop breathing
    To stop appeasing
    Everyone but me
    No one to pick me up
    When I'm down
    I lost my air
    But no one cares
    I just need a lifeline
    One last time