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  • jeelpatel 15h


    Amazing challenge by @laughing_soul ❤️
    Hope you like it mam !

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    Rhythmic Moon

    First bridal of that eternal sky in black jorjet Rolled clothes, with those stars of platinum
    Around her residence on Earth as a reflection
    She gets rebirth today amidst that war of Planet and galaxy who want to taste her dark
    Beauty, once in a month,

    (Live like her, that your absence'll be missed)

    She paints wanning crescent to pour gleamy
    Half smile on my full dark days of fragility
    And she breathes inside those polythene like Lungs by smoking that UV rays of firey sun
    Like that black-white diamond on my last finger

    (All've dark and bright side, be a mirror)

    Her last quarter I go back to her first quarter, My skin cries by seeing that partition of
    Her body, how she loses her half heart
    And my beats feel suffocation inside
    To make this cycle in a perfect rhythm how
    She gets cut by that thin air on those clouds

    (Keep going with sacrifice, lesson, survival)

    I know how she picks that sad phase of
    My poetry and writes about wanning gibbous to Show me that bright lamp of Hopes
    When my canvas of life is so rigid, helpless
    She stretches my hand and makes me up

    (Alone nooks also have that hope of roof )

    She looks like a bright dot full with refill of Fireflies, their thirsty eyes call her full moon
    But I love her dark skin in that mature womb Of sky as I cant share her whispers
    With anyone to make my soul full with her

    (Gather all moments which make you whole)

    I feel she hasn't scars, she has melancholic Ocean in which your orbs dive often
    She has greyish island for you on which
    You crave your feelings to make them free
    In her hearts of heart

    (There is world in every bit of scars )


  • jeelpatel 1d


    I kill all metaphors by throbbing
    Them amidst
    2 hard covers of my novel
    First they feel suffocated and
    Pour all last breaths in my
    Last metaphoric poetry

    As they decore my every verse
    Of dull ache , of trivial felicity
    And I often fall for them but
    I see my original words
    Hang on that loop of rope

    No they don't support that thing
    Of suicide and leave that poetry
    Forlorn in that blue book
    So they dont push that line
    Under their soles

    One can't see that on the paper
    With bold bright margin to
    Embrace heed of beauty
    Of those metaphors which
    Make my words charming

    And my novel of life speaks that
    Words are your life, you can't
    Make them down from that line
    I fall often for metaphors but
    Today I kill them and fall !


  • jeelpatel 2d


    Laugh more,
    To make yourself healthy for all unhealthy toils
    And they will investigate about your hidden pain
    Though that is fetus not like an oak giant tree
    But now it turns into bold radium mark on your wrist

    You feel your closed drawer has to be in your wardrobe
    Don't open it to show its lacuna or wracked webs
    To those questioned and judgemental orbs of other's face
    So no one can get its key to unlock that roses and ashes

    Go on fast-walk,
    To throw away unnecessary weight of skin, gain tight calves
    Your co-walkers make their vision 2x of reality
    They'll say, you always run away from facts
    Though you walk fast to challenge your breath
    But now breath will suffocate your cold lungs

    You feel don't dance on frequency of orthodox
    Don't try to chase or catch to prove that sweat of efforts
    To those who haven't thermal state in their rusty heads
    So you will never doubt on your rhythm of experiments

    Drink more,
    To keep your bones hydrate in this dehydrated desert
    Bottles in their pocket will tag you as a thirsty footnote
    Though you drink more to make fire of remnants calm
    But now it rises and gives burns to those dormant words

    You feel anxiety is your own it's needed to quench it
    Dont expose that measured peace from that rare place
    To that meditation fare, full with myriad souls
    So you won't lose that place of your alone time !


  • jeelpatel 2d

    Icarus - According to Greek mythology Icarus had wings constructed by his father from wax and feathers and he used them to escape from imprisonment and fell into sea and lost his wings as he flew near the sun and his wax melted !

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    You afraid to have artificial wings of satin
    No matter of small bold bird or of giant Icarus
    As they are beautiful but in that way of sun
    Which never has to apologise for burns on blush

    So if you will try to see your face by that sun-fire
    In that blue mirror of wild world, it will melt you
    It'll throw you in the suicidal sea to cease
    that womb of wings
    And you'll taste bitterness of artificial beauty !


  • jeelpatel 3d

    Drunk Mind

    Drunk mind can't be smelled through eyes
    Can't we make it conscious by that shower of lemon on it
    They say it can be known by pattern of footsteps
    But man has soles to lose or for a tight grip
    Mind hasn't, it has perfect elasticity on cracky skull

    So my door can't catch my drowsy toxic mind
    I gain entry without its inquiry for orthodox death
    Walk with that suspicious wind till my room
    And I make him stop by locking those walls
    Amidst which I break my last home and make new for new night

    I throw my bones on floor with tiles of tragedy
    That couch isn't good for my spine of heart
    As soft things give you peace before and then sting you
    Like that spongy pillow loses its all cotton and gives sprain to neck
    Like those soft clouds can show you rainbow or cloudburst also

    But those tiles often knock my whole body
    And slide themselves to show that cleft amidst two
    No matter how deep but I learn there'll be high and lows
    So I love to sleep on that thesis of persistance
    Those tiles know that I dont drink, my mind gets drunk

    Like I've dementia
    From my first birth till now
    This is my skin of 1 lakh time

    After writing thousands of oral poetries in that lacuna
    Inside my soul, I decore that outer cover of it
    By that stardust which always makes me sleep
    Under my planet with that hope of next strong day
    On which mind won't get drunk, won't break past homes
    Instead of that it'll paint them with colors of survival


  • jeelpatel 4d


    I scooped myself up from that deep hole
    Of lucid dreams to this rigid reality like
    Senseless bundle in this senseless galaxy
    Though want to make sense of words in verse

    Stroke those grit-lined eyes,
    On that glassy mirror to rub its argent chest
    So ray of my one thought gets cut by acerbity
    And can create myriad reflections of stories

    Slackened lips haven't taste of juicy papers
    Where once flowers of black garden bloomed
    With thick petals of pain, stem of last century
    But heart felt its freedom, threw bitter fruits
    on rosy cheeks of papers

    These poetries haven't tunnels of ears now
    In which I screamed those untouched echos
    At the peak of melting mountains besides sun
    That snow screams on my red burns now

    Like I had done
    A few years before

    Until silenced by gun-shot of words
    Until suppressed by my own ocean
    Until that haunting past unlocked
    From those flaxen creased dairies of death

    My ocean can't even find that sea-shore
    At which my last breath can decore itself
    By those corals and pearls !


  • jeelpatel 5d

    Night Specs

    This night is quite thick
    Like volume of suffocated water
    In this hidden air throws dim molecules
    Considering them as a comsopolitan
    Birth and how they fade far away nigh
    To that sky and hang as a stars of water

    I am witness of this secret
    2 hours after touch that bed of movies of
    'Birth is choiceless to meet that dateless death'
    'Junior hands won that castle model of clay'
    'Senior mind stuck in time and clock runs fast'
    I fare at folded, half-folded, and unfolded time

    I am still awake after painting
    100 curves on this skin and 1000 curves inside my mind
    Eyes haven't big dreams so I don't fall asleep
    Specs with fragile perception, dreams're blur
    And I still search for unknown shades
    Which show their skin at night not in the light

    I feel alive then, and fall in love with myself
    How this night makes my dull lamp of heart
    Brighter than the platinum wires on day smile
    Nights are so open like a red sea
    Though so covered like a moon by wolf


  • jeelpatel 1w

    Every storm in hot days isn't for cold night of rain some storms are there to make you realize that importance of light after black clouds !

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    Black curtains

    Damp glassy silent door
    Of transperancy holds me amidst
    Two parts of its heart, I sit curled up
    But without curve of comfort

    As clouds run against that
    Direction of sky and I feel
    Suppressed under my heavy roof
    By those shapeless thunders
    So I close that heart of door

    My world of first breath is
    Like a misfit yearn, demands
    Boon from aghast ruin like
    How clouds and sky lock horn
    And world waits for thunderlight

    (Boon of transfusion method
    for dead cells after Alexander's

    Thirst hopes for rain
    But this is mere summer storm
    Twist at those black clouds
    And after some time I see
    Red rosy garden in the sky

    I stretch my feet up and open
    Two parts of door's heart like
    Stretch those two pages of book
    To throw limelight on those
    Hidden words amidst them

    Time is like death's dateless
    Night but it will fade away like
    Your suicidal skin no matter
    Golden time or rusty !


  • jeelpatel 1w

    Breath is heart of life
    You check that frequency
    Of respi system by sleeping
    Under that deep red sea

    As you have amount of
    Oxygen in your cold lungs
    But you dont feel your skin
    You define that word dead

    You feel pollution is inside
    Your every flower, so intense
    It overlaps that evil weather
    Of busy roads of this century

    And till now you are well
    Versed in that poetry of "Save
    Earth" but you forget some
    Verses about "Save humanity"


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    Pollution is there in the weather as well as inside you !

  • jeelpatel 1w


    At the end of this Orange
    shaped earth on that horizon
    Of mixed shades of
    Tired buildings, of bright red
    Fresh bricks of roof
    I want to hold my toes there

    My eyes want to kiss that
    lense of telescope, not at the
    Night of stars movie but
    During daytime of
    Restless roads, running soles
    Swollen eyes though
    Working hands

    I know that shine of sun'll
    Cut my pupils of keen rays
    But I want to see things from
    So near to learn that basic
    Nature of life
    To define all thesis about
    Living and non-living