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  • jeevika 11w

    Above the mountains.. below the sea..
    Amidst the valleys.. Love is evergreen!!...
    But to love is choose the barren land...
    Because to love is to leave!!..

  • jeevika 25w

    There's an inexplicable vastness in poetries..
    A whole new world ,
    HIDDEN untill unearthed!

  • jeevika 40w

    I wish we meet there..
    Beyond the skyline...
    ....... Who knows if there's soo much to be revealed on the other side of the horizon..!!


  • jeevika 50w

    Poetry is what your soul tells
    When your heart heals!!!!



  • jeevika 50w

    Cause I am gonna miss my school freinds the most!!!❤️
    #freindship #mirakee #pod #bff @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    From my infinities to my life's entity
    You have been the best of my exclusive vicinity
    From the core of love and trust in my heart..
    I call you as my freind..
    But I mean much more than what I tell apart..
    Maybe we know each other from a long before..
    But the near past in which we got really acquainted is the bliss to bore...
    Quite different but still comfortable.. that's how our thoughts grow in our freind zone..
    From all the paths we travelled to every destination we discovered..
    All of it was an awe-inspiring story..
    Summing up..
    Every synchronization that took place between you and.. me..
    Has worked so well..
    That we are here with a friendship.. that is to be cherished lifelong!!

  • jeevika 52w

    From the infinity to my life's entity..
    You have been the best...
    of my exclusive vicinity!!!

  • jeevika 55w

    The voids under my core are craving for you...
    The blood in the veins is yelling of you...
    It's.. true that I am hankering for you...
    And even thats.. true.. that I can feel you approaching to me!!

  • jeevika 58w


    To the roads of infinity, from the paths of uncertainty.....
    I AM LOST..

    Lost from the world circling around me...
    Or lost in a chaotic run inside me..
    Lost because of all those voices inside me..
    Or lost because of that silence in my vicinity..
    Lost to all those questions..
    Or lost in all my answers...

    Just to satisfy all those emotions craving around me..
    I graved everything.. whether it be my light, my thoughts or myself...
    I lost everything..

    But being lost everyday.., and having lost everything..
    I found something... That...
    Just have trust...
    Because... You are the best version of yourself that you can ever be..!!!!

  • jeevika 59w

    वो कुछ आखरी पल......
    आखिर तक आज मेरे साथ हैं।।।

  • jeevika 66w

    When you talk of your space or my space or any space..
    I often think of our space..!!
    क्योंकि रिश्ता तुमसे, मुझसे, या उनसे नही हमसे शुरू होता है।।
    Lets talk of a world that's not mine or yours but it's ours..!!

    When I think of us.. तो में तुम्हे सोचती हूँ..
    You.. you are my high tides and low tides..
    You are my short days.. and long nights..!!
    तुम.. तुम मेरी हर उस खूबसूरत कविता के वो आखरी कुछ लफ्ज़ हो, जिनके बिना शायद वो कुछ अधूरी सी थी..
    Yeah.. indeed.. you were and always be very special to me..
    Because you are among the ones..
    Who paved my path and mended my ways..!

    On a waggish note..
    You were the Galileo of my life who discovered the telescope inside me.. and gifted me a par vision to see the comics of this world differently..!!
    You presented me with the power of speech, because you were the Marconi of my life.. who discovered the radio inside me..!
    तुम.. तुम कहीं उन महान कवियों में से एक तो नहीं.. जिन्हें सुनते-पढ़ते, अब में कुछ कुछ लिखना सिख गयी..

    Thank you for always being, whatever you have always been to me..
    Thank you for being there with me till infinity...!!!