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  • jeniayn 1w


    The stream of unity
    Waves purity
    Splashing up my feet
    Through the flowing waters
    Of God’s spring
    I feel your heartbeat
    drum inside my soul
    With the melody of harmony
    The tune of humanity
    Filling each other’s pottery
    With love.

    I feel the trees breeze
    the music of serenity
    Through the earth
    Where the fruits seed
    And the blossoms give
    The sweet juice of plenty.

    Our hearts beating in unison
    Of heavenly eternity
    Our earth shared
    With the love
    As beautiful
    as the Garden of Eden.

    One blending in two
    The sunset of the sun and the moon
    Two blending into a community
    Of stars from above
    The community embracing
    humanity with prosperity
    And soul.
    The love of Ubuntu
    grows with the seeds
    planted within our own hearts.


  • jeniayn 8w

    My home is
    Paper bark offerings
    Gifted from the trees
    Rock pen scribbling
    Off-beat poetry
    The circles that I carve
    On the earth’s surface
    Well written or
    Scribbles of hieroglyphics.

    Home is the place I lay my head
    And dream
    Storytelling, spoken word
    Or poetry
    It is the sound of the inspiration
    Carried in the wind,
    The voice of the gifted poets
    That stay in my heart as friends.

    Home is the moon crescent
    Illuminating love
    The stars that reflect
    Friendship and hope.

    Home is a place
    I always dream to be
    Nestled in the love of
    Friendship and poetry.


  • jeniayn 11w

    Rhyming seeks motivation
    Designing life with inspiration
    Carrying on the dreams of our ancestors
    Sharing the hopes of our forefathers
    Rising above struggle
    Emphasizing the love from the Bible
    Creation of lifetime friendships
    Formation with a similar purpose
    Love ending hate
    Doves fly and correlate
    Inspiration never ending
    Devotion of poetic penning.


  • jeniayn 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Triumph

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    Rise above where struggle lies
    Triumph love in your heart

  • jeniayn 16w

    Art by Vladimir Kush

    Pen scribbles, paper fragments
    I am a poet
    With the intention
    Of expressing
    my deepest imperfections.

    Looking into the heavens
    Seeking blessings
    Of the coming together
    Of world unification.

    Sometimes my heart is joined
    In love’s affairs
    Sometimes it is separated
    By life’s despairs.

    Sometimes the clouds take over
    Sometimes the sunshines
    brighter than ever.

    But through all of life’s trials
    I still stand
    On edge of the paper
    Expressing love.


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  • jeniayn 16w

    #as_wt #writerstolli

    As night became day
    I could feel the soft embrace
    Of the awakening sunrays
    Rhythmically trancing ecstasy
    Upon the shadows in my mind
    As if they were awakening a Genesis
    A new beginning, a new time.

    The light of hope entering my soul
    Kindling the flame of deliverance
    The ambiance of forgiveness
    A kiss of kindness sweeping
    Across my face
    As the sunlight freed my mind
    To a new awakening.

    I could feel the passion of creation
    The sunlight from the skies mesmerizing
    An enchanting meditation upon my mind
    A place of origin, a formulation so divine.

    I allowed the sunlight
    To sneak behind my eyelids
    And dance with the candle of my heart
    A shooting star from the heavens
    Igniting with the desires of love.

    Opening up the window to my soul
    Allowing the trust of the horizons
    To take hold
    With a light so powerful
    I knew it could only come from God
    As I welcomed
    the morning sunlight in awe.


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  • jeniayn 17w

    #dodoitsu_wt #writerstolli

    I found that love conquers all
    Two hearts beating as one soul
    Reaching for one common goal
    Separated by lust

    Lust I found as the demon
    Heartbreak of infidelity
    Trust destroyed near instantly
    How our love began

    Sweet melodies of poetry
    Songs sung to the heart nakedly
    River flowing of deep emotions
    Shallow puddled tears

    Tears I never wanted to feel
    Numbness please come cover me
    Heartbroken holding my heart
    Let go feeling whole

    Whole heart my own so freely
    Loving every moment me
    Building up my goals and dreams
    Enslaved by lonely

    Lonely hearts beat together
    Under the moon of forever
    Open sky of eternity
    Falling in love again.


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  • jeniayn 18w

    Poetry pens
    Promise and passion
    Paper chasing pain
    Like a patent.

    Copyrighting joy
    Pausing to capture
    Each moment
    Before passing.

    The possibility of choices
    The potential of voices
    The power of prayer
    The professor, the pupil, the novice
    We are all there.

    Penning against war
    Promoting joy
    Picking up the pieces
    Of broken love affairs
    Prescribing principles of life.

    the precious moments of the past
    Precision in words
    Penning all night
    Painting paragraphs
    Like Picasso’s brush
    Paraphrasing lust.
    Promoting love.

    Our purpose
    in life.


  • jeniayn 19w

    Fearful smoke inhaling devastation
    Blazing, Zion failing
    Sudden homeless, God keep us safe
    Praying to the Lord with full faith

    Homes built by labour crumbled inferno
    Hades glow all humbled
    The sky so red Hell took over
    Lord’s tears won’t You be my shelter?


  • jeniayn 20w

    Falling endlessly
    Into the profoundness
    Of your love.

    By your mystical eyes
    That search the depths of my soul
    For every hidden treasure
    That stands for love and heaven
    Enchanted by your dance
    Surrendering to the rhythm
    Of your heart, mind and body.