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  • jennie501 10w

    Sincere You

    When we do wrong things to someone that might get hurt or even worse,
    Feels like a guilt in your heart always
    It cannot be vanish or disappear our sins
    If you ignore, will show your wrong deeds again and again.

    Realizing mistakes and sincerely apologizing is meaningful and makes huge change.
    There will be lots of hatreds, but someday they will forgive you because of your good deeds

    Do not forget that they are also human being,
    They are also part of their family and friends like you.
    Do not disrespect, insult or use them for your own satisfaction and benefits.

    Hope everyone understand

  • jennie501 10w

    Agree or not? Do let me know by your comments��❤️
    #quotes #scratchedstories #feelings

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    80's Love

    Those who are Indians they know what they have experienced about 80's generation
    3 special words "I love you", hard to say to the one you genuinely loved.
    First method always came to your mind was a "love letter".
    Writing love letter was not easy though,
    while writing, many question came in mind,
    what will be the reply of this letter?
    Reply was unique though.
    Either love letter they will treasure it or they will tear it.
    Shy feeling while being in relationship or Fear if parents knows about this.
    Real circumstances comes, when you try to convinced your parents or sacrifice sometimes to marry the one you love.
    Either it will be happy or sad ending don't know but atleast those lovers were confident enough to face every situation that will come.
    "Love" is not just a word to express someone, It's your effort, care and honesty towards a person you love,
    which is not seen nowadays in present generation.


  • jennie501 18w

    If you are trying to be a good person for someone, then It's a waste of time. Because no one cares & they will just insult you, evenif you had done good things for them. It's better to become bad person because the one who doesn't accept you, nothing they deserve to have you.

  • jennie501 21w

    Being Beautiful

    From my point of view, Confidence makes us beautiful to face every judgement of people about your skin color or your nature. Colorism is one of the most demotivating face that I had gone through. When I was 7 yrs old, there were some people who demotivated me and never accepted me because of my dark skin color. That time, I was ashamed of myself that why God made me different from others who are fair skin color. Felt bad, but I accept the fact that who I am and how I look. It's not inside or outside beauty of your body that makes you beautiful, It's your confidence that will show you the way to become a beautiful person and soul.

  • jennie501 54w

    I wish that, me and my ex soul swap each other. So that he will know what I had done for him and what I had gone through ,after he leaved me.That time he must understand what pain is after he left me alone.

  • jennie501 56w

    Past Shapes Your Future

    It's okay sometimes that you got hurt or cheated by someone you love, because it will make you a perfect person. You are special ,you are beautiful, no one can replace you ,because you will be the real you. And the one who will respect you and treasure the real you, that will be your perfect partner. You will have happy future, just take a step forward and move on. Cry out loud when you feel sad, but next day you have to start your new life because the future behind you, there is a lot of interesting things waiting for you. You will realize after some day that your past shaped your future.

  • jennie501 60w

    Heel Your Pain

    When you feeled betrayed or upset, gradually rain starts. You cried out loud in rain alone and then you stop crying ,you find your answer from rain. Then you say thanks to the rain to wash the past of your life.
    Rain heels your pain sometimes because it shows how you are beautiful by heart and makes you strong by washing your tears to happiness.
    Have you experienced this?

  • jennie501 61w

    Most painful thing is
    1) hiding emotions in front of others.
    2)you love the one who has feelings for other.
    3)making fun of your feelings.
    4)you took the risk but the one you love does not.

  • jennie501 68w

    Not forever

    At night,I was afraid to climb a mountain with a guy who was unknown for me. But while he was ready to climb ,he suddenly looked back and saw my fear. That time, he lend me his hand and said, "Don't afraid of dark, see the natural beauty of night. And trust me ,you will not forget those moments. Hold my hand, just trust me and be crazy with me. You will not regret." I hold his hand and trusted him,but it was not forever.

  • jennie501 69w

    Meeting Your Past

    Life is like a circle who never ends. You will again meet the past, but till then you are no more like you used to be that time. Time changes, you get a lesson from the past.
    When you meet past, you never ignore them but hide your emotions, you keep smile on your face and say goodbye. The one who regret is your past who lost you forever and want to follow you but can't.