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  • jer00007 2w

    Woke up with her lips,
    kisses all over my skin.
    In the shower we steam,
    kissing while we drip,
    made love till the sun heats.

    Heading to the things we do,
    waiting for the moon to bright,
    holding eachother again so tight,
    whispering in ears
    you make me feel right.

    why we're cold,
    why our fingers are left alone,
    why our heart cry,
    why this distance don't shy.
    Our love thrives
    with loneliness
    we try
    to hold tight
    over calls all night.

  • jer00007 3w

    Cigarette in her fingers,
    smoke kissing her lips,
    Gazing at me
    to tease.

    I leaned to kiss.
    Holding my head
    She hissed
    "Lick me till this cigarette sits"
    and pushed me down
    to the clit.

    My goddess sat there,
    I worshipped her,
    she moaned there.
    Diving my tongue in there
    I licked her,
    She came there.

    Cum on my lips,
    smoke on her lips
    and we kissed.
    Love is dirty
    when lust is so pure.

  • jer00007 3w

    I was on a
    melancholy trip
    holding the
    pain on sleeves,
    dying with every breath,
    lost in my tears
    I sleep.

    Lost in the wilderness,
    I found you.
    You held my sleeves,
    you sailed me through.
    I sighed,
    you kissed my eyes,
    lost in your arms,
    I sleep tight.

  • jer00007 12w

    You were on my lips,
    holding my hairs,
    you sin.

    Hungry for the sin,
    my tongue dives,
    twisting you
    on every try.

    Ridin it wild,
    you cry
    "Eat me, baby
    make me high".

    Hungry for
    your sin
    I sip
    the salty feast
    dripping of your
    vertical lips.

  • jer00007 13w

    Perhaps I knew her long ago,
    we sat on the same classroom floor.
    But then we did grow,
    miles apart we stroll.

    Strolling alone for life,
    we collide,
    falling deep in no time.

    We crossed our miles
    now she lay by my side
    I want to touch her face,
    kiss the sorrows in her sphere.

    We do crossed our miles
    but we lay on different sides.
    On the calls,
    we sleep
    to wake up in empty sheets.

  • jer00007 14w

    There's a broken glass
    you held the pieces in your arms,
    your hands do bleed,
    but you never tried to leave.

    The glass in your arms
    melted to your warmth,
    you turned it
    into a mosaic art.

    The glass is my heart,
    let it stay in your arms.

  • jer00007 14w

    Do we fall in love
    the second time,
    or it's just empathy
    two broken hearts.

  • jer00007 14w

    I want to see your face smiling,
    I want to see your face excited,
    I want to see your face puzzled,
    I want to see your face moaning,
    I just don't want it to be sad.

  • jer00007 15w

    A sea of pain
    in my eyes
    and you dried it
    with just a smile.

  • jer00007 15w

    You die everyday
    for someone
    who don't give a dime,
    hurting the one
    who lives
    for your smile