almost budded, love to read n write, books r my bff.. a writer in writco.. @jeswi1933 my ultimate aim is to work with Jasper Paul..

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  • jess4j 10w

    Even after suffering this much no one cares bout nurses. The whole appreciation goes to the doctor alone.

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    My Profession

    This is about a profession..
    in which students are pushed into,
    there are very few who chooses this as their career,
    no one knows the struggle we are put into,
    none can understand the level of mental torture we get,
    those 4 years just goes like hell,
    those long stands for 8-10 hours continuously everyday,
    and attending the never ending classes,
    the criticism we used to get while getting signed the log book,
    the damnable feeling when in the OT or in the ICU,
    those horrendous days of administration,
    those sleepless nights to get through all the exams,
    those fearsome moments of practicals,
    those feeble responses from the patients to get our procedures done..

    Apart from all this, there remains some joyous moments which always cherishes our hearts..

    the awesome feel we get when there's an backflow of blood in one attempt,
    when the fear goes from our mind to give IMs,
    the steady and strong stand in OT while receiving the babies in our hands for first time,
    the so called excursion aka outpostings,
    the first try we used to give to our cooking during community posting,
    those astonishing field trips,
    and finally from the day of 'holding lamps' to 'getting certainty for our profession',
    ultimately, the sensitive appreciation when someone calls out for your help.. Sister!!..

    Yes, I am a NURSE...


  • jess4j 12w


    in the loving remembrance of my beloved daddy.. the person who left the world a year after i came in..

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    Daddy, need you..

    By all means
    my eyes are longing
    to see you, daddy
    my mouth is yearning
    to call u, daddy
    my ears are wishing
    to hear you, daddy
    my hands are wanting
    to feel you, daddy
    my legs are dreaming
    to walk with you, daddy
    my heart is pumping
    to be with you, daddy
    my frons are desiring
    to be kissed by you, daddy
    for the most part,
    i am waiting for you, daddy
    though i don't remember much of you
    even so i miss you
    through and through.. daddy..

  • jess4j 13w

    So unfit..

    The reward which u gave
    for the love which i made
    is so damn irreplacable
    and yet simply erasable.

    What did u thought,
    that i cant undo this shagy knot?
    I am more than able
    and totally and completely stable.

    So keep this in your mind
    if ever forget, then just go and rewind
    that, truly once i fell for you
    but now that phase has just flew

    And at this moment
    you are just a component
    from the whole shit
    for me, your so unfit.


  • jess4j 13w

    An arising issue..

    In this country every hour one or other person commits suicide and no one really cares about this because that person isn't their own.
    But guys, take it seriously because it is a major issue. We need to reach out and help those ones immediately before its too late.
    People think that giving food to a hungry, water to a thirsty, clothes to the naked and poor, taking care of the orphans, loving the aged people, aiding a wounded one, supporting a rape victim, and many more things are the only ways to help people. But when it comes to save someones neck, they just walk out. I dont know why people have such conservative mentality when it comes about mental health and suicide. Never underestimate the power of listening and being there for support. You don't often have to offer advice or a solution, as being there to listen is very powerful and it validates the emotions that someone is feeling.
    【SANE Speaker Annie Linke says, 'It's as simple as saying, "I've noticed that you're not yourself recently and I just want you to know that I'm here for you. Can I just ask are you okay?"】If they dont feel comfortable talking about their feelings then talk just random stuff. Remember, your fear of asking is probably far less than the difficulty the person is going through. It will be a relief for that person that someone is noticing them and the worse for them will be by saying nothing. Just being there for them will be really helpful.
    Yes, it is possible for that person to respond aggressively. And it is okay if someone responds in this way, it can be an opportunity to share your concern for them. Still you can continue like "sorry, I didn't want to upset you, I am concerned and wanted to check that everything is going okay". But never take that angry response as an excuse to step back. Instead, restate your words and tell them that you are there if they need you and help them see that you're genuine and not telling them that they have a problem. Though you are not an expert, still this may help them alot and you will be someone that they value. Never feel that its none of your business. Because the health and wellbeing of people around you should always be your business.


  • jess4j 13w


    I Miss you
    through and through
    need you anew
    with that adieu
    my existence flew too
    and now its all blue
    I need you

  • jess4j 13w


    Meet me in the middle,
    With an open mind,
    Set aside differences,
    We're the same kind
    No matter what the world will say
    dont stop the conversation anyday
    Thats the only thing
    hides me under the wing
    and keeps me alive
    finally you arrived
    the waiting has got over
    when you came closer
    and the warmest embrace
    fills me with grace
    please never go away
    though i wont let you anyway
    but destiny will play its part
    and again you'll go apart
    then wail will cover us
    yet we can fail it with disgust
    lets run before its too late
    the way is absolute straight
    dont turn to right or left
    and ultimately we will find rest.


  • jess4j 13w

    Deep infirm love..

    In the end it was just me and my thoughts,
    A painful trap, long after you were gone.
    For now you are not my own,
    but in your absence i want to mourn.
    Moments spent with you were precious to me,
    but i hate how it came out to be.
    Undoubtedly you acknowledged me,
    and taught that being audacious is the key.
    This damn silence without you,
    makes me go incense for you.
    Still i have faith in God,
    faith with unbreakable cord.
    Because not a single blow can hit,
    till our love sees fit.
    And so until that day i will be firm,
    till i don't get your love infirm.

  • jess4j 13w

    My deed

    I don't know what they are thinking
    I don't want to know
    I know what i am having in my mind
    Leaving all those things behind

    I want to go
    Where, i don't know
    I want to run
    And then it will be done

    I've already started my journey
    But none knows what it is to be
    I don't know where i am going
    But i hate what i am doing

    I am having faith in God
    Faith with unbreakable cord
    He's with me whenever i need
    And surely he will reward me for my deed..

  • jess4j 13w

    Gimmicky tale..

    This girl came around late june,
    but no one knew soon she'll turn into a prune.
    Indeed she grew up just like any other girl,
    nonetheless , she was an authentic pearl.
    She has a secret tussle in her animation,
    faltering, her childhood, in substantial damnation.
    That irksome personality of her made people go fanatic,
    furthermore made her feel emphatic.
    Finally, that turn about came,
    precisely that wasn't her aim.
    That flip flop, perhaps, was deity's scheme,
    to alter her nastiness into a ever shining gleam.
    And there she was, completely newfangled,
    though not so awe inspiring, however, bespangled.
    But.. Hey.. Holdback...
    There's something unalike,
    for others, it was mislike.

    There wasn't any monobrow shaped like a bow,
    not even had deep looking fish shaped eye to make the fondness for her avow.
    Accurately, that damsel ain't had narrower facial shape,
    apparently, she had a fugly nose which turned out to be a jape.
    Further, she missed small round rosy lip,
    but owned drab ears which never fit.
    And the clear meagreness of curved figure,
    and the stout body entirely made her look disfigure.
    The teeny weeny height of hers,
    and the curt hair, however, concurs.
    And ultimately the grim like neck,
    with the smile like a heck,
    reduced her personality to a smouldering wreck.

    For others, this gimmicky tale wasn't toothsome,
    but never made her feel gruesome..