Writing for His kingdom!

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  • jesus_freak 1w

    Do not suspect the Almighty' s concern towards your tiny issues,
    Because, He is all mighty to understand the intensity of your minuscule issues that humans fail to understand!

  • jesus_freak 4w

    You cannot organize your thoughts in explaining how you long for HIM just like this "not so well put poem"��!
    But the point is, "There's always more in JESUS!"❣

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    My longing is so deep,
    That I always feel desperate,
    And words become inadequate!
    My heart is content with YOU,
    Still desires more of YOU!

    I am restless while I am resting in YOU,
    In searching more of YOU!
    The more I find YOU,
    The more I realize that I need YOU more!

    Weigh me down with the dense of YOUR presence,
    And allow me to smell more of YOUR fragrance!
    Unravel more of YOU,
    Let me explore the layers of YOU!

  • jesus_freak 8w

    It's in Jesus Himself who came to the world without condemnation and wrath but full of grace and truth!
    His presence is all you need for your life that needs grace and love!
    Moses who wanted to have grace pleaded God's presence to go before Him in his mission of leading God 's people! Yes, you need God'sgrace to do your calling!
    The only place to find grace is at the foot of the cross. When you accept Jesus 'sacrifice on the cross, You accept unconditional grace that you wouldn't find anywhere apart from Him!
    Do you have Him who is full of it? #Jesus
    God loves you!

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    Me: I want your grace in my life!

    God: Yes dear, You have Me!

  • jesus_freak 8w

    Me: How far will u come with me, Daddy?

    God: You have eternity to walk with me, Baby❣

  • jesus_freak 9w

    Me: I Love you, Jesus!

    God: Aww! Well, you saw me do it!

  • jesus_freak 9w

    Hey Friends! Hope y'all doing good..Let's cut to the chase
    What are your unanswered Why's?
    "Why did this happen to me?
    Why should God let me deal with this?
    Why should I lose my dear one?
    Why should I have to trust without an evidence?
    Why are things going downhill?"

    There may be some of your unique Why's which only you and the Lord knew and cannot be disregarded. Your why s are valuable because your battles are unique! But sometimes, to all of our different why's, There is only one answer!
    All things work together for good for those who love God!
    Let me remind you that, You're becoming more like Christ through everything you endure! Hang in just a little bit my friend! Don't forget that Your creator knows it all!

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    WHY 's unanswered, answer you more!

  • jesus_freak 13w

    To all the warriors without swords,
    When the world is shut inside doors!
    To all those whose love is fearless,
    When we hardly loved you because we feared the virus!
    To all those who put our lives first,
    And find your purpose in us!
    To all who shine bright in the darkness,
    And glitters this world with kindness!
    To you, who give us hope in humanity,
    When we see it fading and losing its essence!
    Happy Doctors's day!

  • jesus_freak 14w

    Hey Dear! Are you someone thinking that your life is a mistake?Do u feel that life is meaningless and have you lost yourself in this chaos of finding meaning to your existence? I hear you..! Sometimes search for this truth leads u to the Source of truth or takes you away! What if I tell you that you have an answer! Yes you have a meaning! Yes your life is not without value! You're a pearl not to be lost! You're existence in the world is not a mere incidence but completely determined and orchestrated?
    How are you supposed to find why you exist apart from knowing the One through whom you exist!?
    So the question is not why you exist but how you do.


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    Until you know that your breath in your nostril has value, you cannot treat it that way!

  • jesus_freak 17w

    Me: God, You know that I can't!

    God: Don't you know that I can ?

  • jesus_freak 20w

    Happy mother's day to all the mommies whom God has entrusted with a generation! My heart goes out to all who have lost his/her mother, Your loss is unbearable and cannot be sympathyzed!
    I can introduce you to the One whose love outweighs all the celebrated love on Earth!
    JESUS'S LOVE who sacrificed His life for you on the cross to know what the comfort of God 's bosom can be! Taste and see His love and you will never run out of love!
    God says "Even if your mother forgets you, I will not!"
    You are not forgotten for you are in God 's palms! Anyone who is reading this wants to know this love that I am talking about, Just say this with me " Jesus, I want to know this love for me!" . God loves you friend!

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    Poem written by God,
    And referrence to His love!
    Who made her womb comfortable,
    And now her lap, more peaceful!
    Who takes joy in my success,
    And my pain aches her more than to me it does!
    Forever grateful to God who sent her to me,
    Now I know what a glimpse of God 's love can be!