I am A Novice Poet

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  • jesusthetruevine 12w

    God devises His plan to help us
    Not to hurt us


  • jesusthetruevine 12w

    Your love for God should reflect on the way you live


  • jesusthetruevine 13w

    Shine Jesus Shine
    Let your Radiance
    Dissipate my sin
    Shine Jesus Shine


  • jesusthetruevine 31w

    Success comes with God's help not through human ingenuity.

  • jesusthetruevine 106w

    Believe in Love

  • jesusthetruevine 110w

    The Storm

    The storm was deep dark and blue
    Illusory doors was what she pursued,
    Walls were high all mighty and strong
    Tis difficult to crumble it down.
    As sorrow and dejection deluged,
    Solitude seems to be her only refuge
    Her hearr pined for an escape
    For long it had been caged.

    The ease of rejection finally subdued
    For the Lord came for her rescue.
    In His arms she found comfort
    And burdened not any chaos.
    The wimpy storm atlast slumbered,
    Lost and defeated ,
    It bowed down to God penitent.

    The Lord was above all good,
    Into the Radiance dispelled the Storm.
    Free like a bird it fluttered away
    Unvieled itself with glow and candour
    And prior to,Thhe Storm wasn't deep dark and blue.


  • jesusthetruevine 127w

    Lord I ask for another year filled with Your presence in my life so that I may continue to grow in your love.Lord You have been good to me all these years and I thank You for all the blessings. Enable me to draw closer to You that I may walk in your peace . And Lord thankyou for adding all the lovely people in my life who makes me feel blessed to be alive.

  • jesusthetruevine 127w

    Thankyou Lord for another year

  • jesusthetruevine 128w

    You introduced me to the tints of blue and red
    But soon you drifted away with those hues
    And left me black and white.


  • jesusthetruevine 132w

    I deserve to be blocked when I choose to question.
    I deserve to be shut up when I choose to speak.
    I deserve to be used when I choose to love
    I deserve to be called irritating when I choose your attention.