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  • jetblackwolf 11w

    Sky Blue

    Ocean blue dipped in orange hue,

    Warm, fuzzy glow,

    A feeling I once knew,

    About you.


  • jetblackwolf 15w

    3 Feet Apart

    3 feet apart, his round back towards me,
    Reddish brown hair glimmered under morning sun rays,
    Soft breathing slow danced to low hum of the air conditioner.

    Crusty eyed yet fresh, draped in white sheets,
    I was awake with gratitude and bliss.

    Gazing down at the bustle of city's wake,
    I turned my back, to see him awake.
    Lips curved into a smile, escaped a warm, soft croak mouthing good morning.

    In your arms I cocooned, a safe haven from the world,
    Into dreamland, he fell.

    A tired man turned sleeping infant,
    Both of which I would protect and love my whole life with.

    Love never felt so good, until I met him.


  • jetblackwolf 15w

    Old friend

    Nothingness. It settles,

    Engulfing me whole.

    A hole, I am,

    Devoid of all emotions,

    The abyss my closest friend.


  • jetblackwolf 15w

    2nd February

    I wish I do not have feelings,
    I wish I were empty,
    I wish I do not care at all.

    I wish that my mind is not twisted,
    I wish I was not breathing heavily,
    Heart ripped slowly into shreds, thinking about the possibilities of me,
    Not being able to make you happy.

    You are smiling, you are better,
    I truly hope you are.
    I cannot stand close,
    Only see you from afar.

    Maybe, you are happy with someone else or
    happy on your own.
    Whatever your choice should be,
    As much as it would hurt me,
    I'd let you be.

    As long as my heart has space, you would have a place there,
    It has always been you, now and forever.

  • jetblackwolf 15w

    12 am;

    I still remember those dark nights, when I broke down into a ball of mess, my head propped on my crossed knees, dried tears marked on my cheeks.

    You were there listening to my silent howls,
    You were there.
    When a speck of the past hits me like a train, where I fell into a dark pit again,
    You listened.

    Days where I felt like I was useless,
    When the whole world was against me,
    When I didn't believe in myself,
    I cried to you, only you
    As you were my closest person I had,
    Eventhough we sung different melodies,
    You loved me with all you had.

    Through sickness and pain,
    You cared, as a friend
    as a partner, a lover

    The space between us, didn't hold us back
    We always waited to meet,
    Until one day, I left.

    If only I was more thankful for your presence in my life, maybe I would have stayed, for you.

  • jetblackwolf 16w


    Pearls of white bubbles splayed across coral beige,
    Soft sizzles slithered through my ear canals,
    A passionate love made to my heart,
    I tingled with glee as I inhaled your rich aroma,
    Bittersweet I devour,
    I bowed to your addictive ways and raised in durability,
    The door ajar, awaiting your next play,
    Always one call away.

  • jetblackwolf 16w

    The calling

    Rolled up to a patch of darker shade of sunburnt skin,
    collective point of years of friction upon touch,
    her elbows holding up unbuttoned pink cotton sleeves,

    Bare bony wrists tattooed,
    an outline of a heart atop an infinite hearts, diminished into the pores of her skin,

    As if it were to voice out the phrase wearing one's heart on sleeves,

    Act of unconditional love,
    beaming brighter than full moon's light,
    at glimpse of her existence,
    where hell and heaven bow in grace,
    oh bringer of love and light.

  • jetblackwolf 16w

    Lost Lover

    Surreal yet expected,
    A final goodbye,
    I dazed into the abyss,
    You left, in peace.

    Sharp, blunt shock, shrouded in me,
    A broken heart that was empty,
    Frozen like an ice cube, numbing all pain,
    As reality, punched me in the face.

    Sleepless nights, food trays empty,
    I kept going, only for me,
    Questioning all, my life and reality,
    Silence was my best company.

    Shadow work, healing my wounds,
    Day and night, through the remorse,
    You were my only love, I had that hope,
    Till I decided, my worth well,
    I grew up, walking away, towards myself.

  • jetblackwolf 16w

    I'm no good at goodbyes

    1 am; I switched on my phone,
    there, your text lit up the dark room,
    I was elated.

    I was after all, happy,
    for that last moment with you,
    It was your final goodbye.

    I felt this coming, but,
    I fought, for one last time,
    I asked for a chance,
    You said no, that's the end.

    Knowing you well, this decision bound to be made,
    And so, I listened to all the words you had to say,
    Only to say okay.

    I held the exit door open, as I watched you leave my life.

    Only to say,
    The last I love you,
    The last thank you,
    A final goodbye.

  • jetblackwolf 17w

    an unsent letter

    to the man i found myself to be blessed to have been in love with,
    lucky, even.

    you've made me happier than i have ever been,
    you've made me feel more loved than i ever felt.
    you know, i loved you more than i have loved anyone in my life.

    i am privileged to have had my heart broken by you.

    i wont forget you, our memories,
    the person i loved,
    the way you made me feel,
    will be replayed, as i rest on my deathbed.

    sincerely, the me who loved you unconditionally