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  • jiggywillb 12w

    I dream of a world...

    I dream of a world
    where if one of us dies
    it will simply be natural
    I dream of a world
    where killing each other
    will no longer be normal
    Where death will only occur
    due to a natural illness or
    simply from an accident
    I dream of a world
    where life is truly valued
    I won't say hate will vanish but
    it'll no longer
    make us inhumane
    it'll no longer
    make us hate another human
    of a different skin tone
    I dream of a world
    where we can reach our senior years
    not just our senior years
    in high school or college
    but also in life!

  • jiggywillb 15w

    Short poem about the light

    When our light is not enough to light up our dark
    The source of light uses other's light
    Like mine and yours to help us see within our dark
    That has to be light at it's purest form
    That has to be Love at its best
    Love is really one of a kind

  • jiggywillb 40w


    Before, if you heard the word Corona
    You'd simply think of a drink
    You'd probably crave some too
    Only if that's your type of thing
    Now that word brings only bad feels
    COVID-19 is what the experts call it
    A pandemic that errupted like a volcano
    I'm sure we all have enough info about it
    On how to keep ourselves safe from it
    It's crazy and annoying at times isn't it
    How we all have a new norm now
    It can feel like we're on house arrest
    But experts with glasses say it's for our best
    It's how we can shield ourselves and loved ones
    it's how we can stay the safest I guess
    I wonder how long this will last
    I thought it was supposed to be over by now
    I guess we'll see
    *cough*cough*, is that you Rona?
    That always gets me
    Its weird to even sneeze now
    And its allergy season
    Fuck me!

  • jiggywillb 51w

    To grow or desert?

    True some of us may have been born in the dirt
    True life has been given to some of us that way
    True we don't always ask for life to be this way
    But it's our choice
    Wether we choose to grow from the dirt
    Or to let ourselves desert
    It's our choice
    I am choosing to grow from the dirt
    And I know someday I'll be strong
    As strong as the Lone Cypress
    Now it's your choice
    To grow or desert?

  • jiggywillb 63w

    Inner Outer World

    Helping someone may not make a big difference in the Outer World
    But it has the power to change your Inner World
    Or someone else's
    And your Inner World have the potential to make a difference in the Outer World
    So embrace your Inner World
    Even when it looks like a black hole
    Sometimes everything will seem
    like it's going all wrong but
    Remember the light is within all along
    Be the light and light up your dark
    Trust that God will help you go on
    When your God's you become the light
    Trust that God will keep your light on
    Embrace your Inner World
    After all everything starts within!