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  • jishaviswanathan_ 2w

    No more my life is an open book ...
    It will be accessible to selected people only
    No one can just come read,write or tear the page and leave...
    ©jisha viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 6w

    My kite is beyond the blue sky
    No strings attached

    ©Jisha Viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 7w

    When she looks in the mirror
    Flaws she sees
    Finally, she recognizes her self
    A beautiful calm dawns on her heart

    © jisha viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 10w

    Unlocking of shackles,
    I touch the scar.
    The red scar
    Years in making,
    Is this a sign
    of the past,
    Or of the future.
    A mystery remains to unfold...

    ©jisha viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 10w

    I want to escape,
    Escape from the stillness..

    ©jisha viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 11w

    Dear Life, Please, Let me hold you for once

    ©Jisha Viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 11w

    If life is short 
    Let me make love to you ,
    On green grass ,
    Making love to you like kissed by fresh dew
    Beside the river ,
    Making love to you with the flow without any break .
    Beside the ocean ,
    Making love to you more deeper than the ocean 
    Beside the fire ,
    Making love and  burn in your love forever.
    when it rains ,
    making love to you and getting wet and wetter
    Under the starry sky ,
    Making love to you till the dawn engulf the night.
    I love you ,
    From the moon to Earth.
    To love you, to make love to you
    It's forever and ever

    ©Jisha Viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 13w

    Oh, Dear children
    The park looks so lonely
    Come out dear children, 
    Let's Play and make merry

    Don't spend all the time 
    On mobile, computer and video game 
    Breath fresh air, See the colorful flowers
    How beautifully they bloom,
    They dance too when the wind blows

    The sky looks so bright in blue
    With small and cute white clouds
    They all miss you
    Come children and see with your eyes 
    Playing gives you a healthy body and mind 

    Dear children,
    With a healthy body and mind 
    You will be able to study well
    Will not fall sick and miss the school

    So, my dear children,
    Health is wealth!
    Without good health, everything is a waste
    So dear children, come out and play 
    Live your life in a healthy way.

    ©Jisha Viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 13w

    My lovely Butterflies

    Under the blue sky,

    I wait for the beautiful butterflies to arrive,

    And sit on my flowers,

    My beautiful flowers,

    They bloom in different colours with lovely fragrances. 

    Beautiful and lovely butterflies!

    Hopping from one flower to another flower,

    Looks like they are dancing,

    Adding to the beauty of my garden,

    Watching it with wonder!

    How much I miss them,

    When they don't come.

    Butterflies, Lovely Butterflies!

    Do come every day,

    I will plant more new flowers,

    Butterflies, Lovely Butterflies,

    Making my garden a lovely paradise.

    ©jisha viswanathan

  • jishaviswanathan_ 14w

    For how long one has to pretend 
    That this circle will end 
    Things swirling around us 
    Or is just our mind playing tricks 

    To pretend that everything is fine 
    Killing each alien inside us
    Believing to be dead 
    But , actually it is pretending to sleep 

    Life is puzzle 
    Each one has its pieces to solve the riddle 

    Random thoughts fill our void 
    Or one will sink into its den 
    Sharing is healing which is forgotten,
    Everyone is in rush to reach their destination.

    ©jisha viswanathan