Life is a poem and you are the poet.

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  • jiya__ 1w


    To love Is to give
    Your whole to others
    No questions asked
    No returns expected
    Just being in love
    Be a being with love
    Life turns into a pleasant
    Madness , beautiful!
    We are all connected
    Love make us United
    And it is the best remedy
    For any pain or tragedy
    Love unites us
    Makes us strong
    There is no greater
    Or a cause to live
    Other than to love.

  • jiya__ 3w

    Being wiser
    I understand that
    The little things I cried for before
    Had made me a lot stronger
    Had made who I am today

    It took just a few years
    Of pain and suffering
    To understand that
    It was all just a phase
    That has passed now

    In the past when I see
    Some things had not happened
    The way I wanted it to
    For that I am so glad
    Otherwise life would never be
    As good as it is now

    Never be sad of the pain
    But trust the long journey
    Something better awaits
    For only those who waits .


  • jiya__ 5w

    Woman's Dreams

    Don't clip my wings
    Give me the fuel to fly
    The same fuel you use
    To achieve your dreams

    I am just like you
    I am a woman I know
    That makes me no less
    No less than you

    I might even be more
    More than you in many things
    I have dreams too
    I have a heart too
    Please don't clip my wings

    Let's strive towards a world
    Of equality, freedom and love
    Less bargaining for doing chores
    Or the traditional roles we follow

    Let's live in the world of equals
    Where we can stand
    Shoulder to shoulder
    As equals with dreams
    Of equal value.

  • jiya__ 5w

    It's strange how you lost
    Lost with grace
    Lost every battle we had
    Lost all that you had
    In order to gain my love
    How you lost it all
    And I never realised it
    Untill I lost you.
    You were a loser
    But you won my heart
    I lost your love
    And that for me
    Was the biggest loss of all.

  • jiya__ 5w

    Have you cried yourself to sleep
    And felt truly alone
    Even when people are around you
    Do you wallow in sadness
    Amidst everything
    Happening to you
    You have nowhere to go
    Never mind it leave it behind
    Because no one cares
    No one wants to see your tears
    Wipe those tears and stand up
    You are yours before anyone else
    Don't be affected by external forces

  • jiya__ 6w

    Mix and match
    We select dresses like that
    We choose and make
    The choices we take
    The world is trying to mix
    All things with your flavour
    All things sweet and bitter
    Enjoy the flavour of them all
    But hold on and love yourself
    Like the love of your life.
    Hold on to you
    Be the beautiful storm
    Be the raging ocean
    That never bends to the world
    But has no master but them.
    Be you.

  • jiya__ 8w

    Looking at me from those glasses
    I feel that I am myself again
    I feel secure protected and loved
    When you are there by my side
    My love hold me tight
    Hold me beside you with all your might
    I miss you today and tomorrow and ever
    I hope to be your lover forever
    Hold me close
    And cover me with your kisses
    Love me right like you always do
    Stand by my side tonight.

  • jiya__ 8w


    Could I be wrong again
    Am I just a fool
    Trapped in the wrong place
    At the wrong time?
    Is it possible not to act at all
    In this test called life
    To be not making any mistakes
    To act means to make mistakes
    To try is to fail again
    But we must try and
    We will fail
    Such is the rule of life.

  • jiya__ 8w

    Harsh Reality

    Many little things made us grow apart
    But those things are few not much
    Many little numerous lies
    I told myself to hold on
    But one day all of it collapsed
    And came as an explosion
    Came to me one by one
    The bitter truth I was running from
    I cannot close my eyes to it now
    Now I have decided to face it all
    Not there is no going back
    To the blindness
    To the stillness
    To a life that did not collapse
    There is us
    I cannot forgive anymore
    And we can't tell lies anymore
    There is the truth looking right at us
    We have to live with it now .

  • jiya__ 11w

    Be your self
    Love your self
    Love your mistakes
    Love your past
    Love the path you took
    Love the way you laugh
    Love the pain you have
    Love the tears you shed
    In the dark night alone
    The tears made you strong

    Love your dreams
    Your scars
    Your evil thoughts
    And good thoughts
    Love your people
    Who left you broken
    And those who never left
    Love yourself first
    Love yourself first!