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  • jj_auden_hughes 11w

    Quote 0143

    Just like time

    It only passes when u need it most


  • jj_auden_hughes 13w

    Poem 105

    If I told you that there's proof of stars from the night sky having touched down on earth and dealt no damage would you believe me?

    Cuz I have proof...
    But I did lie...
    The proof is your eyes
    And the damage was on my heart

  • jj_auden_hughes 13w

    Poem 104

    You've had your pretty mask on

    So damn long

    Everyone thinks

    It's your face


  • jj_auden_hughes 13w

    Poem 103

    Words bleed in the ocean of his sorrow

    Each one slowly moving in tide with the crashing waves

    Every one coming in larger than the last.

    He wishes he could only feel the soft sand beneath his feet...soft whispers of the mist among his ocean's breeze

    Yet he feels the hot sand under feet. Melting among patience of his pride.
    Scraping scolding scars.

    His tides have not been controlled by the moon, but Mars.

    He wishes he could feel the sea cleanse his feet.

    Yet he wallows in stages of compressed hollow.


    All shadowed by numbered morrows these words bleed...in the ocean of his sorrow.

  • jj_auden_hughes 16w

    Untitled 3

    You wet my eyes

    But I don't mind it

    I'll take it that I care for you very much
    Sometimes I wear it on my sleeve yes..
    But I promise I keep my heart clutched

  • jj_auden_hughes 16w

    Lyric 01

    Oh baby won't you stop it,
    You and I...haven't got it;
    Television romance

  • jj_auden_hughes 16w

    Untitled 02

    You'd be sitting there. Just a quiet boy,
    And she'd look at you...Almost as if to say...

    "oh boy, don't you know you've caught my heart?"

    To which my eyes & cheek respond...

    "with quick feet and a butterfly net"

  • jj_auden_hughes 16w

    Soft Sounds, Warm Lips

    Sometimes I just sit and think about her...
    Not much to recall...but always so much tends to come up.

    As if I really remember it all.
    It's quite weird to be honest.

    Though I enjoy feeling the recollection of what we may have...had been or otherwise did..or didn't do.

    I think about moments bundled on the floor. Warm enough to feel good. Yet still cold enough to embrace the fire.

    A fire so graciously giving us the perfect lighting in such a dimmed room.

    You see...this was always when her faces emerged.

    You'd just be sitting there. A quiet boy,
    And she'd look at you...Almost as if to say...

    "oh boy, don't you know you've caught my heart?"

    I've always loved that look.

    She resembled a single snowflake in the rain. You know? That one u first see which garners excitement.

    Just before u see the second (which begins the snowfall), that one you catch with your tongue, or your nose.

    Sits right on top of the tongue of your shoe. And melts away right after u blink looking down at it. So light, but u feel it there.

    So pure in your eyes, but you still know where she's come from.
    But then again once it hits the ground

    One snowflake is more gorgeous than than first hint of light once you've hit the end of a dark tunnel.

    We'd sit there and talk for only hours
    But make it feel like days

    Not minutes to hours
    Hours to days

    Man the magic I'd feel in my stomach
    Like as if something new was alive in me
    Nothing physical
    Just simply A feeling

    Easily brought up by warmth
    And blue eyes in a fire's light

    Soft sounds and warm lips

  • jj_auden_hughes 17w

    Lyric #01 '11 minutes' (Halsey & YUNGBLUD Lyric)

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    Lyric 00

    "Call me stupid, call me sad. But you're the best I've ever had. And you're the worst I've ever had. And that keeps fucking with my head"

  • jj_auden_hughes 23w

    Quote 0141

    Why would you love with only ounces of what you've got.

    I'll call you my loot.

    For you I was a penny

    But for me you were a whole pot