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  • jjwalters90 9w

    Change is happening

    Can you see that I am growing
    Can you see that I am moving forward
    Can you see the new me.
    Is this who I am ment to be
    I look at my life and I see that I am who I am

  • jjwalters90 9w

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    Write a 6 word short tale on Mystery

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    I am loved by many people

  • jjwalters90 11w


    I feel peace today
    I feel happiness today
    I feel love today
    Can you see that I am changing
    Can you see I am becoming a new man
    Can you see I am who I am

  • jjwalters90 12w

    Live life

    There are times when I find myself
    I look at life and I say Yes.

    Can you picture The here and now
    The past is no longer there
    The future hasn't came yet.
    Can I see the truth of how things should be
    I live life and happiness Will come with it

  • jjwalters90 12w

    The world is broken

    Covid-19 is here
    Will it ever be the same
    Will this sickeness ever end
    So many people are dying
    The world is crying out for healness
    Can you see we are suffering
    Can see that even babies are dying
    It breaks my heart too know that there is pain in the world today
    Wake up people and do your homework
    See kids are sad because they can't go to school
    People are hurting everyday
    Will there ever be peace once again
    Covid-19 is real
    Covid-19 is scary
    Covid-19 is the normal

  • jjwalters90 12w


    Can he be a true friend or not
    Does he understand my pain.
    Is he always there
    There is a friend in Jesus and I know he loves me
    I wake up everyday to hear God voice in my ear
    Is there true friends out there
    Can you see the heart beats
    Can you hear the air I breathe
    Can you tell me the truth
    Can say I love you
    Or are you just going to break my heart
    Where is the friend that I once knew
    Where did are friendship go wrong

  • jjwalters90 12w


    I feel like I am sometimes insurcare
    Love is insurcare
    My heart aches
    For his insurcare love
    He hurt me
    He broke me.
    He is insurcare
    I happy
    I glad

  • jjwalters90 12w

    I am a phoinx rishing

    I rise from the ashes
    I soar like the engal.
    I fly like a angle
    I am succeeding
    I am improving
    I am being a new person
    I am happy once again.

  • jjwalters90 12w

    Why mom

    Why Mom were you there to wipe away my tears
    Why Mom did you not come by my side when Dad passed away
    Why mom do I continue to love you
    Why mom do I forgive you
    Why Mom do I shit here in pain

  • jjwalters90 12w

    I can't stop

    I can't stop thinking about the past
    I can't stop feelings these emotions inside
    I can't stop thinking of the pain
    I can't stop thinking about the hurt in this world today