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  • jklouw 15w

    They constantly criticise us,
    Telling us to fix our bushy hair and not speak slang.
    But honey we are perfect as we are,
    They just don't understand.
    Even with our aunties and sunshine,
    Especially when we're out of hand.

    We are the rainbow nation personified,
    The perfect blend of sugar and spice.
    We are the ones who shine bright,
    We wear the title "COLOURED" with the utmost pride.

  • jklouw 15w

    Coloured Girls

    I remember the days when people would downplay their discrimination about me and try to make it seem like a joke.
    "What are you going to do? Stab me with a butter knife?" And,
    Expect me to violently put them in a chokehold.
    Because apparently all coloured girls are the same,
    We don't like being provoked.
    And the fact that I was the only one in my class,
    This was the type of behaviour everyone expected me to show.

    Let me tell you,
    From day one we've had to prove
    That we're non-threatening
    Because we've got so much to lose.
    They underestimate us,
    Tell us to simmer down.
    But I'm here to tell you,
    I'm proud of your smart mouth.