whatever you're feeling and whatever you're thinking, is part of a story. Write it.

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  • jkoile 6w

    Unlearn it

    You have to tear down what you adopted to believe---
    You know what I mean
    The negative-self talk
    The voice that says "what's the point?"
    "You're wasting your time. It's still not good enough"
    No. See, those are lies.
    That voice doesn't want you to win.
    & you will have to fight hard to get away from that voice.
    Some voices sound so convincing and it's easy to believe we don't matter and we have nothing to offer.
    We do. Dig deep.


  • jkoile 6w


    I'm beginning to think thoughts are things
    They dance and dance
    In a busy brain,
    Plagues and tangles---
    Neurons firing.
    Do these thoughts simply sit still
    For a moment, without wondering?
    & some thoughts are molded in
    Everything we do.
    Some thoughts are scary goblins.
    Some thoughts are devils playing dress-up.
    Some thoughts are pure and holy.

    & I crave a busy brain made still,
    with a kind memory


  • jkoile 8w

    Show up today

    The world is scary,
    People lurking
    And the unfriendly staring
    Whispers to my open ears
    That we all want to escape
    In our desperate attempts
    Or despair
    To just fill a void.
    The world is beautiful
    People smiling
    And the genuine laughing
    Hugs my open mind and
    we all want to belong
    In a happy place,
    With loving hearts
    You and me

  • jkoile 8w

    Isaiah 53:5

    He was pierced for my transgressions, He was bruised from my iniquities. The punishment for my peace was put on Him. By His wounds, I am healed.

  • jkoile 8w

    This doesn't last

    The pain
    The anxiety
    The mixed emotions with what's right
    what's wrong---
    Everything feels wrong
    Exactly, but it doesn't last
    God's got you
    Give it a chance
    Call to him and he'll help you get through it
    Maybe something will happen,
    & maybe you'll have to wait with it

  • jkoile 8w


    A cracked door flirting with me to open!
    The excitement for what could be, the dreams, the ideas, the experiences,
    the endless amounts of poems to write...

    Everyday is a new opportunity to be different, to change,
    to grow, to get better,
    to laugh more, to learn, to clean up the clutter brewin' in my head,
    all of that, yeah.

    2020, I'm excited to meet you & dance with you,

    even if I screw up the steps.

  • jkoile 8w


    Ebony, dark chocolate
    smooth beyond touch
    with a smile that
    lights up
    the room like a lamp
    turned on
    in the afternoon.
    Bright white,
    teeth she wore
    & height
    & long legs
    that carried her
    Sudanese frame.
    Midnight skin
    with a cool-blue tint
    not as a defect or
    but honestly,
    she is
    more than pretty ---
    With plump, not
    puffy cheeks
    that bunch up
    like peaches
    when she

    sees how stunning
    she is
    in the skin
    she's in.


  • jkoile 8w

    My soul has a home.
    It's not here, no

    It's far away from the malarkey of this world, the snot of the storms

    And when I'm in this home, no tears will be left to show


  • jkoile 9w


    Will they see it? I hope not.
    It's so easy to close yourself off so they aren't presented with the filth you store in your heart and the scum inside your head.

  • jkoile 9w

    Mental state

    There's a war in my brain.
    One side whispers to me at night, in the middle of the day
    that I'm a silly girl wandering with no sense of direction.
    It whispers confidently that every bit of my being believes it.
    The other side sings to me that spring is peeking through again and everything I want, will come to me if I seek it.