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  • jmacthedream 64w

    Sleeping in

    I have slept in, missing the sun,
    I excuse the fact I don’t see morning.
    Pain crept in when I was done:
    before my dreams started forming.
    By the time I wake, I make a mistake
    and start to feel bad for my self.
    I face my self, taking my mind away
    to a place that seems to always help.
    I sleep away my day to dream of change.
    My eyes stay shut as my mind opens.
    I enter my mind and set the stage
    and try to feel the way I was hoping.
    I sleep in only to waste my day
    in a quiet state and a single place.
    When will I wake, what will I say?
    I rise to my feet at an easy pace.

  • jmacthedream 64w

    Birds on a Wire

    There we are – hanging in the balance,
    talking about the struggles we face.
    High in the sky, we search for solace
    and make each other slow the pace.
    I do not know how I got here,
    but I know it is best for me.
    High in the sky, I show no fear;
    I stay in a place that is so free.
    We all suffer from different pains
    and how we continue is a mystery.
    We all look at people and at things
    and make sure to impact history.
    The flight I traveled has taught me
    how to love no matter the weather.
    The life I have lived made me see
    it may get bumpy, but it gets better.
    Birds on a wire, we chirp away
    to remind each other how to love.
    Birds on a wire, we face the day;
    and bless skies with sounds from above.

  • jmacthedream 72w

    Growing Young

    I can’t go back

    to the days now faded.

    I hold my light

    to memories most shaded.

    I illuminate my mind,

    burning away my struggle;

    I want back the time –

    its not worth the trouble.

    I must think forward

    and not dwell on “ifs”.

    I can’t work backward

    for the present, I forget.

    The pain I feel goes away

    and I accept the fact I’m Growing.

    Thoughts that come seem to stay

    and turn into dreams hardly showing.

    Add another day, and another;

    I seem to grow older.

    Just take away my age

    as it’s just a number

    It’s Time to leave and find youth

    before my days go on.

    I want to grow younger, that’s the truth:

    I search for innocence as time I lose.

  • jmacthedream 74w

    Heavy Heart RD

    My heart weighs heavy
    As these tears start flowing.
    You and I were not ready
    For the day now showing.

    Heavy and full,
    my heart pumps faster-
    And fills my soul
    With thoughts of disaster.

    The sun showed up
    not casting your shadow
    as if that wasn't enough
    my waters became shallow.

    “Why?” I ask. “Why me?”
    The only words coming out.
    For without you, I couldn't be
    And I say that with zero doubt.

    Hard to swallow, I lift my heart
    To relieve myself of this heavy load
    And spread my arms out so far
    Welcoming others driving this road.

  • jmacthedream 74w

    Butterfly Beach

    With the flap of my wings,

    I fight the wind to find you.

    Filling the gaps, I discover new things

    that I can do in a sky so blue.

    I fly so long and land so soft

    to check on the beauty that lives below.

    I search for years for what was lost

    and try to learn to take it slow.

    With each clap of my wings,

    I can feel this breeze.

    I wish to know what it means,

    but this flight tonight is what I seize.

    Separated and lost, my feelings disappear

    as I glide through the crisp air.

    I travel to you with no fear

    to live a life filled with care.

    I hover over Butterfly Beach

    and feel the warmth of others alike.

    I hover to you, the one I seek,

    to fly together and get lost in time.

  • jmacthedream 78w

    Goodbye Waves

    Ocean waves behave irresponsibly, splashing away,
    Not being afraid of the damage its causing.
    Big and blue, the waves have lots to say
    And what’ll you hear might be appalling
    Not afraid, I confront the superior waves
    And ask the questions that come to mind:
    What will happen in the coming days?
    “Depends on your attitude” The waves replied.
    Back and forth, waves rolled in and rolled out,
    Bringing lost items to the people on shore.
    By the time it was over, I released all doubt
    And appreciated the waves that much more.
    I now wait for the waves to come back
    But all I can see is undisturbed water.
    Waiting all day until the night turns black
    To wait more time as days grow harder.
    “Where did the waves go?” I ask myself
    As I sit alone on this empty beach.
    “I have more questions...I need help”
    I search for answers out of my reach.
    After days alone, the waves reepearred
    And I listened to the waves as they met my feet.
    I slowly walked in the waters I feared
    As I waved goodbye to the problems I beat.

  • jmacthedream 80w

    Ghost Writer

    The pen bleeds black

    into my DNA.

    Unable to erase

    my yesterday.


    Poisoned by the ink

    carelessly used

    by every writer

    and those they knew.


  • jmacthedream 80w

    Falling Star

    Your eyes glow in the night much like street lights

    That guide me through the harsh darkness of life.


    Your words can pierce the tongues of those who shout

    about the very things that instill doubt.


    Your mind can change the way others can think

    and it can pull out heavy minds that sink.


    Your feet take you to the places unknown

    and they somehow always lead you back home.

  • jmacthedream 80w

    Life is but a Dream

    Oddly enough, my dreams are too real

    And I keep on seeing things only my mind knows.

    The people I recognize and the emotions I feel

    run off to a place where my memories go.

    As my eyes close, I recount my day.

    I think about what I could've changed

    and I start to drift to a place far away:

    to a familiar place that still feels strange.

    Lost in a flood of overwhelming thoughts, 

    I fight a battle within my own head. 

    I kill of my demons to connect the dots

    all before I get to leave my bed.

  • jmacthedream 80w

    The State of Happy

    I have traveled many miles to find this place:

    To finally experience a new state of happy.

    I left behind a life I couldn't face

    And searched for a world that better fit me.


    The grass was greener on the other side,

    So I jumped the fence to see for myself.

    I made it over in plain daylight

    And landed so gently with the grass's help.


    Bruised and tired, I completed my travel.

    I fought off a monster and I faced a demon

    Who helped me understand why I fought this battle-

    Why I have suffered beyond reason.


    The feelings I felt when I changed my ways

    arrived so quickly and continued in waves.

    I quickly moved forward and counted my days

    Remembering why I moved to this place.


    I don't regret moving to a state of happy

    For reasons that are hard to express.

    I can now live freely with a light within me

    That burns away any darkness that's left.