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  • joan53 5h

    What is it with the weather
    So unpredictable as ever
    What is it with the whether
    Whether we do this or that
    To wear a sweater or a hat
    Or where we should go
    Or stay, either way we pay
    Whether you go bare
    Or get eaten by a bear
    I could not bare it anymore
    Can you tell a rabbit from a hare
    Maybe just a difference of a hair
    There is a place
    Their is someone else
    They're is a complication of a contraction
    For, four, fore oh the language of confusion
    Understanding would be an intrusion

  • joan53 8h

    My sight is slowly going away
    Things in the shadow stays there
    Small print are the worst
    Ignore at your own peril
    Magnifying glass is required reading
    Things look blurry
    But i strain to see anyway
    They say I will be blind someday
    But not this day
    I collect data for now
    For future reference
    For now
    I want
    To collect

  • joan53 15h

    She sleeps in my arms
    Like the baby she is..,
    She falls asleep easily
    To my singing of childrens hymns
    She is my little angel
    In a long line of angels
    Who visits me from time to time
    I always surrounded by Angels
    I guess the Lord thinks i needed the help
    He'd be right you know
    I need the over flow of His love
    Which pours down through them to me

  • joan53 1d

    Good night to the right
    Good night to the day
    Of this day, I can take no more
    I'm leaving on night wings
    I'll be back when morning sings

  • joan53 1d

    Wasted Priority

    E-nergy, intelligence
    N-othing in this world
    E-ver can derail us
    R-allying together
    G-aining the discipline
    Y-elling into eternity

    I-n every situation
    N-o one needs to suffer
    T-he art of healing
    E-ven travel to Mars be possible
    L-onging for priority
    L-et the ways of killing cease
    I-n every instance power and wealth
    G-ear up for the greater good
    E-very good cause prioritize
    Never let disease pass by
    C-ure it
    E-lect to cure, to protect, to explore

    If all our energy should be redirected
    Away from weapons, violence, and hatred

  • joan53 2d

    Of Angels and Bullies

    Bulling is a cowardly act
    The weak preying upon the strong
    Their anorexic thinking sees it the other way
    But how hard for them to see
    How hard for them to feel
    Emotions magnified in hate
    Towards those they cant relate
    Parents who do not see
    The demon inside their angels
    And others who turn a blinds eye
    God tests His children, you see,
    To make His children see their weakness
    He tests their hearts, their minds, their souls
    Though He already knows
    Hardheads has to see it for themselves
    If by chance to change their hearts
    His angel warriors come down
    Disguised in many ways
    I pray for the ministering angels
    To bless those that suffer by the hands of bullies
    And the eyes of the bullies be opened
    And discover their hearts are of more value than brains

  • joan53 2d

    Ars Poetica

    Poetry is like the flowing of a stream
    Like a flowing river of red hot lava
    Interspersed with flying volcanic bombs
    That explodes into understanding
    Or like a river of slushy icy flows
    Numbing all it touches or it ever knew
    Sending brinicles reaching down into the deep abyss
    Freezing the pain in the flow of time
    To be examined by some future archeologist
    Or some armchair psychologist
    Poetry is gentle as a butterfly
    Floating down upon a flower
    And as warm as young love
    That blooms into song
    On the first day of spring
    Poetry is the art of emotion manifesting
    In the fluidity of images
    Created by words that forever
    Flows from eternal beings

  • joan53 2d

    A Choice World:

    A world of choices

    In this world
    There's only two forces
    God and the Devil
    God has many names
    So does the Devil
    God is the God of love, truth, choice, and gave us rules to live by
    Devil is the father of all lies, hate,
    Violence, force, breaking of rules

    The world has many religions
    Beliefs same and different
    God hates the insincerity of men
    No man can be forced to heaven
    Each must choose for himself
    Each must not fight over religion
    Fighting does not prove right
    The Devil raises up mists of darkness
    To blinds men's minds into acts of violence

    Men need to live in love, respect, and peace
    Not act the tyrant, who is weak, prone to violence

  • joan53 3d


    Dear God above
    Heavenly Father of us all
    I thank thee for thy love
    That is showered upon us all
    Especially when we fall
    I pray that thee would wrap thy arms
    Around those who hurt today
    And those who are in harm's way
    Give strength, give encouragement
    Disarm the angry, heal the pain
    Give to the confused, discernment
    That their path they can obtain
    Help us dear Lord to care, to love
    And especially to learn to rise above
    You Loving Daughter

  • joan53 3d

    Too much pain in the world
    Too much darkness in the world

    Do not let it dwell in you
    Do not let it in

    Let light come into your mind
    Let love come into your heart

    Let your light so shine in you
    Let your love grow too