life happens and if we are not present we will miss something grand...❤️Artist! Drawings are mine!��

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  • joan53 2h

    War of words
    Tossed back & forth
    Like badminton or tennis
    Reverse the rolls
    Don’t listen to polls
    Screaming obscenities
    Then good riddens
    Like rock, scissor, & paper
    No one knows how to play
    One rule for this half
    One rule for the other
    Neither gets very far
    Dumb words of war

  • joan53 2h

    Feeding into my thoughts
    I hold back the wild horses
    Bring on what has wrought
    The demons crowd the porches
    I watch them parade by me
    I have my own fish to fry

    Yet to learn to let go of things
    Things I cannot begin to change
    Working on what life brings
    And throw darts at the mange
    Waffling on my last pinched nerve
    I scream around each curve

    Why they do not listen
    They do not hear a thing I say
    They are bent on their pistons
    Going off into oblivion’s pits
    I can only let go and quietly sit

    The world is blind to the evil
    That floats them along the way
    They do not see the mighty anvil
    Nor the hammer of their day
    They must learn the hard way

    I must repeat the serenity prayer
    And know that though I care
    And somethings do not seem fair
    But choices must be made
    I can only go into my heart to fade


  • joan53 7h

    It’s sunny and bright outside
    But here I sit in the shadows
    Feeling down and almost blue
    Wishing someone I knew
    Could talk me out of feeling old
    But truthfully I have everything
    But my rickety models-T body
    Is just working a little bit shoddy
    A genie in a bottle I could use
    I promise, he I would not abuse
    Just a little wish to have energy
    So I can buzz around my house
    Throwing a few G’s
    Getting it clean, throw out the mouse
    Instead of acting like an old grouse

  • joan53 1d

    I wish I might fly away
    To visit another day
    Fly up to heavens gate
    To see my mother’s fate
    Or float out upon the briny sea
    And feel the breeze, be free
    I might sail upon the clouds
    And party very loud
    I wish Scotty beam me up
    Try some earl gray
    And curl up on a soft bed
    And sleep as if I was dead
    I wish my life away
    On a sunny crazy day

  • joan53 1d

    I may annoy
    I may bring joy
    But truth I will tell
    At the ring of the bell
    It may hurt
    I may be curt
    I cannot pretend
    Nor can I bend
    I cannot stand a lie
    I will not comply


  • joan53 1d

    Sadness hangs in the air
    Returning like a pair
    Of grabbers pinching there
    Cloudy feathers fingering fair
    The essence of nothing there
    Roots of madness and despair
    The light must penetrate through
    And drive away the darkening hues

  • joan53 1d

    Screaming from within
    The intelligence squirms
    Stretching beyond the end
    Pulling on life’s worms
    Crush it, defeat the enemy
    From the good within me

    The world has complicated
    Itself into a lalaland of wierdiness
    Self destruction of placated
    Enemies, streaming the wilderness
    For answers to the evil hand
    That has griped this free land

    Wake up, see the truth others see
    From England to Australia
    World news reports across the sea
    But it’s blocked, suppress, stranglia
    So the truth gets untold here
    What breeds here is prideful fear

    The fight is real before the world
    Truth is the lowest commodity
    Though many hang onto the word
    Many distorted it into unreality
    Fight for the right we must fight
    No matter how long into the night


  • joan53 2d

    Bumbling bees
    Fall on their knees
    Suckling nectar
    From flower towers
    Buzzing home fully loaded
    Ready for the honey explosion

  • joan53 4d

    I have had enough
    Life has been pretty rough
    I will continue to stand against
    The evil that blasts our children
    But I will not bend nor bow my head
    To negative, hateful speechified lead
    Staying positive til I’m long gone dead

  • joan53 5d

    Crazy world
    Crooked roads
    Mists to cover the eyes
    Strange voices
    Strange interpretation
    Rearranging definitions
    Lost souls reaching out
    Grasping fake straws
    Missing the truth
    Only on simple truth
    To simple to accept