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  • joe_2000 11w

    Fly again...

    Why people called it as
    It's just a nightmare again
    With bags of weapons
    To his/ her soul and mind

  • joe_2000 11w

    Who said everything is temporary
    Pain and fear of losing things
    In life is permanent

  • joe_2000 13w

    Why does Friends changed into strangers?
    It's hitting hard in heart but mind will
    Give you a word of relief that is
    you didn't complete your race

  • joe_2000 13w

    All we need is peace but
    It's more costly dhan a platinum
    This was the only reason
    Anona hates Reality and
    She lives in dreams

    A Sincere dreamer
    Huge salute to day dreamer and night dreamer

  • joe_2000 13w

    We don't lose friends we just learn who the real ones are

  • joe_2000 14w


    Some voice make our heart throb
    Awaken every nerve in our system
    As ripples formed in steady water
    On every drop of rain hitting it

  • joe_2000 14w

    Came from dust
    Living in dust of corruption
    Going to dust
    Life is not a circle
    But it's a triangle

  • joe_2000 14w

    Art is like a darkness
    And literature is a shadow of it

  • joe_2000 20w

    Relationship with nature

    Anika: Are you angry with me, but why?
    Rose plant: Your not pouring water, but coming near to me and posing for a still which you call photography
    Anika:ok so sorry, I will pour enough water for your love
    Rose plant: she blushed and smiles at her, treat me as a living thing I will give you love, good oxygen and wonderful rain.

  • joe_2000 20w

    She was a mess

    It first seems negative but at last she has positive too, with some change in nature
    You came as a question and went as a answer of end life
    If you were nothing make me something worthful