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  • joe_choky 1w

    Dove steps

    Nature's orchestra
    No strings needed
    Breeze and tides
    Makes melodic vibes!

    Waves and destiny
    Are now in harmony
    Memories play chords
    Soul musing over life!

    Footprints of Dove
    Were all around me
    Turning sweet sand like
    Muddled musical sheet!

    Migrating bird
    Broods peace
    Inspired by solitude
    Wanderlust consumed me!

    - Joe

  • joe_choky 4w


    Warmth of love
    In cold dark woods
    Burning sticks
    Taught me life

    Eternal journey
    Camped at earth
    Don't just survive
    Live all the night

    Still I exist only
    Because of campfire
    Without its warmth
    I'd be dead by the dawn

    - Joe

  • joe_choky 6w

    I still love you...

    Lovely witch
    Soul snatching eyes
    Beauty is a magic
    Envy of angels

    Tail of unicorn
    Dewy cheeks
    Lips as honey dips
    Smile as glitter

    Adorable beauty
    Admirable charm
    Fell for your cuteness
    Cuteness in heart!

    Beauty perishes
    Not your heart
    Might won't deserve
    Still wanna be a part

    - Joe

  • joe_choky 8w


    Unity never stands for peace
    Not all the time
    Not within your own circles
    Not exclusive

    Unity is misunderstood
    To caste, language or religion
    If you can't include every human
    Such unity is needed?

    The carriers of unity:
    Non-violence and equality
    I honestly never know
    They're replaced by partiality!

    Disrespect others feelings
    To get respected
    Hate others to get loved
    Just unification things

    Why is there an 'others'
    If everyone is human?
    Maybe you can't answer that
    Welcome to unification!

    - Joe

  • joe_choky 11w

    Moment begins here...
    From this day together

    Souls and hearts bind
    Blessings and Grace
    Are abundantly inbound

    Let's start making memories
    As we love each other
    And love should be jealous of us!

    Marriage, a merry moment
    Magical moments begins here...

    - Joe

  • joe_choky 12w

    Theory of Love Relativity

    Once Einstein fell in love...
    He wrote,
    E the Einstein
    Equals M the me
    High on you, the Cute C
    Saturated my heart squared !

  • joe_choky 13w

    Heart, the Mirror

    Heart, the mirror
    Fragile lustrous muscle
    Red blood cells beaming
    Reflections of love

    Reflections of reality
    Imitations of virtuality
    Echoing reflections collapse
    As the mirror broke

    Fortuned broken mirrors
    Bespeaks serendipity
    Each and every broken silvers
    Reflects crystal love

    Pristine mirrors perished
    Broken into sane intactness
    Love broke into madness
    Broken heart loves you more.

  • joe_choky 13w

    Dark & White

    Faded shadows
    Low light
    Cryptic grim
    Solacing tears

    Dark shadows
    Crystals shine
    Glorious gleam
    Discontent smile

    Dark or White lights
    Flip a coin of same sides


  • joe_choky 15w

    Dear Friend,

    You're my...
    Light in darkness, Search in sadness
    Share in gladness, Total sweetness

    Knight of brotherhood
    Kohinoor of sisterhood
    Valuable possession
    Diehard possessiveness

    You're the strongest shield
    I'm the sharpest sword
    Together we'll win wars

    You're the sun I'm the moon
    I'll shine because of you
    You shine brighter than me

    Let's love like poles
    Lengthiest geographical distance
    Couldn't set them apart

    Let's make history that
    People talking inseperable things
    Will quote us at the start!

  • joe_choky 16w

    Little little moments...

    When our eyes meet
    When you smile at me
    Blue skies come to be rainbow
    Glitters flow through my head to feet

    I don't know what you've done
    With your accidental mere touch
    Hypnotized electrified mesmerized
    It's my hard cold heart you've won

    Your beauty excites me
    Your very presence thrills me
    Hours of thinking days of dreaming
    Smiling like an idiot, you jailed me

    These little little moments
    Short-lived but not in my heart
    I wish I could pause those moments
    You and I should never go apart