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  • joebonga 8w

    Stop gender based violence against men

    “I dedicate these thoughts as my contribution to the 16 days of activism2020, against gender based violence”

    As silent as a feather in the wind I lay
    Listening to the silence of the grave
    Dug deep with fear that lingers within
    That to utter a word of it is a taboo
    And an expression of weakness
    so I choose the silence of the dead
    To hide the flame of shame
    Silent as a stone and numb as a board
    Hoping that one day I will tell the tale

    The pain was fresh as paint
    Tainting me with wrath of a wasp
    Each scene stuck out a sore thumb
    With clarity as that of ice
    I could see the floods of blood
    Delicate as a flower
    My petals were plucked layer by layer
    Breaking the boundaries of my hood
    Stuffed like a turkey, wrathfully beaten
    I got scars to show and shame to bear
    Boys don’t cry, and men don’t tell

    The tales of pain weigh them down
    Forced to fake the strength
    To keep the legacy of their gender
    While violence is meted upon them
    In silence they writhe in pain
    With no one to listen and no ears to discern, anyone can be abused
    And everyone can stop and listen
    Our world is too small to walk away
    For tomorrow it may be your son

  • joebonga 9w

    Trust the process

    Wallowing in the furrows of thoughts
    Hollow and void, to follow and hold
    And not burrow thy head under
    Swallow thy pride and seek of thee
    For to get is necesarry and needful
    Lessons only you can tell
    For wisdom is bitter but better
    For generations to come

    To share the sheers of harvest
    Blessing the basket of experience
    Gaining legitimacy of the same
    That in learning, audience applaudes
    Of the semblance of the process
    For many have been there
    Soaked their pillows in longer nights
    Eye bugs carrying the tears
    That we all pay the price of pain
    To gain the pleasures of wisdom

    For hostess sake, profess identity
    Nothing is indeed new to tell
    Old is gold, hold to the tale not the tail
    For you not the first nor the last
    Possess the value of the process
    Access with boldness thy prowess
    Assess with confidence, you earned it
    You are not alone, trust the process
    Conqure and tell, celebrate thy victory
    That you didn’t quit the wait
    Nor the weight of the process

    They shall borrow of thy hollow
    The excess of thy wisdom
    Confident of the moments of light
    Whose rays pierced the darkness
    To harness the potency of the former
    Now your brightness shines
    With flight of pride, soar
    Tell of the process, pain and gain
    Tripplets of success, availed to few
    Ready to trust the process

  • joebonga 12w


    When the confusion raged
    And my guts gushed in rage
    The pleasure of being
    At the peak of it all
    To transform these wargasms
    Into amazing orgasms
    While Gazing into the ceiling
    Conquering the moment

    Fantasizing the witness of the stars
    Imagining the applause of many
    With the image in mind
    Of terror untold, though foreknown
    And journeys taken to the unknown
    That to take the risk is to live
    And frisk all that holds you back
    To shake the dust before dusk

    For in loving is the beauty
    Of gliding two forces into one
    To produce amazing -gasms
    While gaping back to the fold
    Uncaving the dark to feel the light
    Piercing through the moment
    To celebrate the affirmation
    That comes from the tools of war
    Victory of the clouds, dripping within
    Gushing from the vents down below

    Indeed everyman is a millionaire
    With unbearing generosity
    Calm is a need, indeed to come
    And exonorate the tourtered nerves
    And sink back to snore
    Having conqured the kingdom
    Only to wake in the mucky swamp
    To tell of a dream worth chasing


  • joebonga 12w

    Momentious insanity

    Like an irrational response to insanity
    My thoughts hold me captive
    To be judged by them i’d be a looser
    To be guided by them is stoic
    Choosing moments over omen
    Superstitiously sumptious
    Are the thoughts of a survivor
    To keep life happening
    Numb to conformity
    Id do me for me, for in finding me
    I find love and reason for you
    And you find season in me
    To cherish and hold, and love to have
    For the moments we create
    Are forever moments, only for the smart to discern, and follow the flow


  • joebonga 12w

    Let go and hope

    Its finally over and am sober
    It no longer matters That i long to own
    And control my feelings
    As lofty as they may seem
    That i long to love you
    And hold your silky body by my side

    Focusing and hoping
    That you would hope into my snare
    To unvail the treasures that dons
    The glitter beneath the bulge
    With symphony of hearts throbbing
    In harmony to synchronize the union
    Of Ropes and chords to stretch
    Sheets between the sheath
    Gliding on your sweat
    Viewing the gullies and the cracks
    Shapes taking form, beauty unveiled

    The kiss of life and a hiss of whisper
    Breadth of air behind my ears
    A promise of love in the heat of things
    To hit the spot like a sport
    Giggling and pinching, scratching
    The sting of pleasure and pressure
    To reach the depth of the jar
    Cream and clouds drip and flow
    A release of love and committment
    Time passed with series and episodes
    Enlarging my heart with expectations
    For life i thought, to live the moments

    My hive dripped dry
    Honey and stings no sport to play
    Couldnt eat, couldnt shit, nor sleep
    My dreams dry like sahara
    Heart bleeding in absence
    At the insence of memories
    Sansational sanity
    Alone and lonely, the cold to hold
    You were gone with the wind
    Like rainbow in a sunny day
    You were gone unseen
    Leaving the scene like its an act
    Despite my act of perfection
    A reflection i keep with affection
    To let go and hold on to life


  • joebonga 15w

    The blend

    To find the blind i had to blend
    The mess in my mind
    To miss the grind of the smile
    Hidding the kindness behind the smile
    That the colors to find are hid
    Beaneth my expectations
    To see what i long to see
    For the journey to find is long
    Finally i arrived to hive
    To share the life that is rife

    Few fail to feel
    In order to fill their guilt
    A quilt of emotions it is
    To blend the bend
    And strive the straight street
    To follow the hollow
    Of missing the blend
    Of forces beneath the blind
    Looking for self in the shelf of life
    Full of choices to make rejoice
    the bliss of diversity therein to find

    To expect unity and accept diversity
    Is to win the hill of life
    Bringing joy from the bowels beneath
    That in being different we are bound
    Not to bend the blend
    Nor blame the hem
    For fullness of bliss is not to fill
    Nor fool with expectations of self
    To see thyself in the other
    For true is the unity in diversity
    To blend the mess and pass the test
    Of finding self in others
    And others to seek thereselves in thee
    And hord the fold of all
    To seek unity in the diversity for all
    To love all and not have all
    Embrace all in all for all to follow
    That we are all one in our differences


  • joebonga 18w

    Love from within

    The sweat wrung off my skin
    Revealing the cold within
    Exposing my hold on to my wound
    Every stream a story to tell
    Of a heart given out of trust
    In return for a hurt that harms
    My destiny put in jeopardy

    But again, its my life to live
    My rules to heave
    That in the presence of hurt
    I would find love
    For self to behold
    Happiness within to seek
    In stillness of greatness

    Conforming to the compound of love
    A concortion of all sorts
    That love and hate can exist
    To define the twist of things
    In the least of the list
    Care and affection
    Combined in one, to make charm

    To love is to give from within
    That which you have therein
    For in lack of it is sin
    Missing the mark of the hack
    That love doesnt exist outside self
    You give what you got
    So seek within that which you pursue

    To love is to love self
    To have self first
    And halve the confusions within
    From the mirror of self
    To give what you seek
    By first having self as king
    To rule the destiny of choice

  • joebonga 18w

    The whole

    The fall of the whole,
    Reveals the hole in the whole
    For all to stand in awe
    Of how awful it feels
    For the healing Is long in process
    That in waiting is a hill in climbing
    The hurt and pain unbearable
    To gain in wait the healing, indeed
    Is a need worth the waiting
    The clot of the bleeding hole
    Is a joy to horn
    smiling, stretching the wrinkes of pain
    Straightening the once wrinkled face
    That described the aweful whole

  • joebonga 178w

    Courage of words

    My hand writhes with anticipation
    And expectation of expression
    Of actions that strive to explain
    Feelings bedeviled by assumptions
    World over to cruise in script
    Meaning to give
    To the hidden thoughts and feelings
    To heave that which is within
    Redeem that which is bound
    With bonds undone
    Not to be done
    For in these shackles; Of words and action
    Is a union of paradoxes
    In its simplicity only for the wise
    To seek and see the emancipation