I write what life teaches.

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  • johan0720 15h

    Work needs to be balanced with chill time otherwise you'll overwork yourself.

  • johan0720 1d

    The Rabbit and the Turtle

    When you are unsure, you give your all.
    When you're sure you don't try at all.
    That's the moral of the Rabbit and Turtle story, not Slow and Steady wins the race, that doesn't make any sense, especially now when we are living in a world of strict deadlines.

  • johan0720 4d

    The only intoxication that i do, is a drive on a full moon night.

  • johan0720 4d

    You can't do that!
    Thats the first condition of change.

  • johan0720 4d

    The sad thing about happy memories that we make is that, when they are reminded it kinda hurts a little. Remembering how things and people used to be and how they are now and how the world has changed.

  • johan0720 1w

    If you don't plan for tomorrow, you'll waste it.

  • johan0720 2w

    People don't make you angry, your reaction to those people make you angry.

  • johan0720 2w

    Hmm and ha can diffuse any situation.

  • johan0720 2w

    Don't be in other peoples buisness. Life is much simpler that way.

  • johan0720 3w

    You only fully know the things that are taught to you, everything else is just a clue.