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  • jokerjwels 21m

    || AfterLife ||

    Dont bury me ever or burn me.
    Why waste such a precious
    thing to be eaten away by time?
    I want my body
    wrapped with the joy of living
    be handed over to the hands of care
    who then will use
    my eyes, heart, blood and each cel and most make them learn to live the life I live sacrifice your self for others happiness
    to give life to
    those who need it the most.
    And I will float happily
    around and smile and preen
    to see a part of me
    giving life and hope
    to a new soul

  • jokerjwels 13h

    ||Pain I Love||

    Your silence speaks to me. Words and words that I dont want to hear. Meanings that I dont want to comprehend. Pain and pain I dont want to go through. Fears I am afraid of. Sadness I dont want to approach. Days I dont want to embrace, Nights that will make me hard to sleep. Yet my heart is strong to bear all these. Because you are the pain I love.Even if you don't speak to me.All what you have told haunts me.l m trapped and I have no escape,My emotions have tied me.l cannot move away.Not from you definitely, It hurts,it pains,But its okay, Because you are the pain I love.When I see your photographs.I see the most adoring smile I have ever seen.I bring it closer to my heart l want to see you better than what the snap has captured.I see your happiness glimmering in your eyes, But why do tears form in my eyes? They fall down my cheeks and it doesn't dry easily, because each drop bears the pain I love, I rekindle the words we spoke, To each other. The laughter we
    shared. On video Call And on chat in lockdown
    The good times that we captured, For some hours in Two days We did all of those together, But why is this pain gifted only to
    me, Why is that you dont celebrate it with

  • jokerjwels 1d


    "When the moon whispers
    a good-bye in the ears of pastel silver
    it hugs the night to a beautiful sunrise"


  • jokerjwels 1d

    ||Sunn Na Imagination||

    Sun na Tu khush hai na Sab sapne saath bun Kar Ab tu alag hokar tu khush hai na Mana ab Suraj dubata hua nahi dekh paate saath me
    Sadko par bhi nahi hote hum dono saath me
    Mai bhi nahi de pa raha hu tere saath tere is halat me Iske bawjood bhi tu khush hai na
    Mana choti si baat thi Raaste bhi koi takra gaya tune usko manzil dikhane ki Kya Sochi
    Usne tujhe hi Meri Zindagi se uda Gaya
    Ha pata hai is baar bhi Meri hi galti thi Ha is baar bhi Mai hi galat tha Tujhko to is baar bhi saccha pyaar mil gaya ha pata hai mujhko tu khush hai Sun na tu khush hai na
    Kinaro par uske saath Nazaro me uske saath
    Ik baar phir saath jeene marne ke wado me uske saath Ha pata hai mujhko wo samjhta hai Ye hi kehti thi na tum
    Suno na..
    Tum khush hona ek baar phir kisi aur ke saath

  • jokerjwels 2d



    I can turn tears into laughter,
    So don't worry about me. I will be ok.

    Dear me,

    Stop wondering about people.
    They will leave, even if
    You love them so much


  • jokerjwels 4d

    || Sukun ☮️||

    I want to paint you in colors,
    Colors Flowing from my heart,
    Heart that keeps beating your name.
    A name resonating with my breath.

  • jokerjwels 5d

    || Phir Kabhi ||

    Janta hu ajeeb hai Milo Tak chalna Bina thake
    sirf uske saath Wo nahi hai rishta uska Mera
    Jo tum sunna chahte ho Ya phir tum samjh rahe ho Kya kabhi Mai bhi samjh sakunga
    Wo Kya hai Jo mujhe pata hai Par use nahi
    Jo wo dekh pati hai Mai nahi Ajeeb sa sukoon hai uski baato me Chal bhi leta hu dur Tak raato me Dur hai Chand uske saath picha kiya karta hu Usko bin bataye hi usse pyaar karne ka gunah karta hu Ye tadap Maine mere naam Kar di hai Chaho to has Lena mere uper Ye uski Meri baat hai Tum tab bhi nahi samhe the aur ab bhi nahi Chahta hu aankh khulte hi uska masoom chehra dikhe Aaj to nahi Waqt aane par wo mere saath rahe Pyaar to bahot dur ki baat hai uski dosti me hi ghum ho jata hu Aur ant me bas itna kehna chahta hu
    Mai bas uske saath safar Tay karna chahta hu

  • jokerjwels 1w

    ||Stop Chasing ||

    Stop running behind people
    Keep your life rather simple
    We at times depend on someone
    So much that we forget everyone
    We seek new people for interactions
    To get over the old ones by distractions
    No one Can be for you
    Rather its you for you
    Letting go is never easy
    Before giving up try and see
    Keep yourself always busy
    With things that makes you Crazy
    Dont forget you were always sassy
    No time for being more messy
    As God always has better plans for you
    Which may now seem out of the blue
    Dont loose hope for those who dont
    Keep spreading love for the ones who

  • jokerjwels 1w

    || Tanhai ||

    "Tanhai se pyaar karke toh dekho,
    aapko fir tanha he rehna acha


  • jokerjwels 2w

    || Promise ||

    "Such a tender word to say,Yet to deep meanings lay"
    Oh promise me! Not a love that stays young forever, But the one that blooms even if its short and the fragrance fades never. Not the moons and the star, Not the places and things so far. Just some smiles A walk with hand in hand by miles Not a journey counted by years
    Neither by all the tears, But by the moments of joy, the love and togetherness that we enjoy.
    Not to love me till you die, Side by side somedays just silently lie. Not to think of life as a bed of roses, Not only poetry but sometimes proses. Promise me not a expensive gift of money but talk to me for hours and hours. Lets watch the setting sun, sky all blue, Of that sky somedays lets just enjoy all hues Promise me not sweet lies but the truth all bitte, While speaking the truth please don't jitter.Not the colours but sometimes black and white, Not just laughter but sometimes a petty fight. Promise me not to stay by my side, Just promise when you dont love me any more you won't hide.
    I know love fades and I will accept it with grace, All I want is that pretty smile always on your face. Promise me not just those soft petals But also the thorns that cut so deep.
    Not only a companion in your laughter
    but also a shoulder to weep. I know life may seem unfair sometimes, promise me On those days just lean upon my rhymes.
    Promise me that these promises you will keep,
    When you smile, when you laugh, when you
    complain even when you weep..