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  • joyjoy 1w


    Calming, invigorating
    The soul language
    Every note a prayer

  • joyjoy 1w

    Paradise Found

    Paradise disappears like petals in a mist
    Vibrant and fragrant, ephemeral.
    Frozen on the pages of memory
    Not meant to last an eternity
    But to evince the pleasure of evanescence.

    Paradise lingers in troves abound
    Ours to be found
    Once awakened anew
    Bereft of visions askew
    Ensconced in the new reality
    That paradise waits wherever
    We might be.

    Paradise disappears like petals in a mist
    So we might find it again and again

  • joyjoy 2w


    The mystery unravels one thread at a time
    Like a poultice revealing your wounds
    I can now see you are infected by fear.
    Mistrust, suspicion and frustration:
    Now your friends to ease your loneliness
    You cocked an eyebrow with your confession
    Of being "different--"
    To see if any recognition registered upon my face
    How vague you are in your diction
    As different hides a multitude of things.
    In fear of your walls, I did not press you further;
    Breathless, at the glimpse behind the mask,
    Opting instead to sit in quiet, accepting silence.
    I'm finally making headway in my task.
    I ponder what limiting beliefs you might have
    To charge yourself as such
    I have an overwhelming love of eccentrics
    I enjoy your company too much.
    I hunger for what tomorrow brings
    For every quiet moment spent with you
    To discover what those differences are
    So I might see the world from a different view.

  • joyjoy 5w



  • joyjoy 5w

    What is a birthday?

    What is a birthday, but a transition from one state to the next?
    Once I was in the womb, before that just a bunch of cells
    Before that, I was two: Living in two different people.
    Before that I was many genes, and many more molecules
    And many more electrons and protons, part of other beings
    Of other things, perhaps another universe.
    Now on this day--
    On THIS day: I celebrate
    Joy to the world!
    It was the first of many birth-days.
    Many times I've transitioned, repositioned and reconditioned
    Myself to the ever changing world around me.
    Adaptation is my vocation in relation to myself.
    Not just to survive and to thrive but to revive, this essence of soul.
    In the beginning there was silence
    Shattered at first by the beating of my heart
    Followed by cries of needs and wants and desires
    Shattered by the words no you can't, no you shant and no you won't.
    That's just the beginning. That is childhood
    Now it is time to say yes! Yes I can! Yes, I shall! And yes, I will!
    The beautiful defiance of the teenage years!
    Now it's I did this! I've done that and I failed.
    All the fire and radiance of youth is used and abused
    And left dying, crying and denying no longer defying, relying and dispising. Darkness prevails again.
    Blame, shame and games will not guide me out
    It is another rite of passage. Another stage.
    Another birth-day...and not all of us advance.
    Not all of us achieve our wings
    What is a birthday, if not the transition from one state to the next?
    This year I greet the day with wings outstretched
    As I take to the skies in flight and learn to soar instead of fall
    This journey is intense

  • joyjoy 5w


    The world is painted in colour again!
    Finally after the monotony of grays.
    In the darkness of morning it's yellow
    That breaks apart night with tendrils
    Of sunlight drifting through my blinds
    Next is the blue skies unobstructed
    By darkening clouds, leaving only
    It's deepening rich colour unending.
    The greens of grass beckoning
    Barefoot caresses echoed by leaves
    Of the trees overhead
    I dress myself in crimson reds ,
    To signify the rebirth of passion that
    Flows and pulsates through my vains.
    Mmmm, how I love the taste of Orange
    Tiny packets of sweet juices ready
    To coat my tongue with its nectar with
    Every single bite.
    The day isn't complete without my dose
    Of those beautiful brown eyes, ever
    Grounding me to this planet, this plane.
    How wonderful it is to live in the rainbow
    To see life again gleaming, shimmering, bright!

  • joyjoy 5w

    A writing challenge I did today.

    I encourage anyone who wants to, to write something similar.

    The challenge is simple, write your introduction followed by the things that define who you are and what you offer to the world. If you decide to write one, please tag me in as I would love to read it!


    Read More

    I am

    I am Joy Graves, First of her name. A twilight child, carver of paths; creator, survivor and thriver. Fertility births in my footsteps, mother, nurturer and guide. Lover of the eccentrics and quirky, bold adventurer with many strange tales to tell. Charmer of God's and cherubs alike, a healer and shaman. I am nothing at heart so I can present myself as anything to the world.

  • joyjoy 6w

    His hands

    He moves as though in a dream
    His world a perfect fit around him
    Everything as expected
    Very few things change about him

    My life a constant roar of turmoil
    Ever changing with the seasons
    Chaos abounds my path
    My footsteps direct and determined

    What is this magic he wields in his hands?
    The tranquil dream he seems to despise
    What awakens when I look in his eyes?
    What stirs within and whispers hope?

    An enchantment, I suppose,
    The missing peace I've always longed for,
    To witness it is all encompassing
    It's like a dream within a dream.

  • joyjoy 7w


    Did I remember to say thank-you?
    I'm often told I don't appreciate
    Those around me and the sacrifices they make.

    Did I remember to say thank-you?
    Often I feel other's will upon me
    Making sacrifices I didn't want them to make,
    Robbing me of lessons that were mine to learn
    In a vain attempt to protect me from myself.

    Did I remember to say thank-you?
    I've been alone for as long as I remember
    Taking care of others before myself
    Surviving in a world that keeps telling me I'm can't
    Achieving against all odds, thriving in the chaos

    Did I remember to say thank you?
    Though you often offer to help me
    There are no appearance of strings

    Did I remember to say thank-you?
    Offer of repayment is met with a no of repugnance
    Yet the offers seem to never end
    I know I remembered to say thank-you
    Because it reflects a deeper emotion within
    Concealed by words so simple
    Do you hear it when I say thank-you?

  • joyjoy 7w

    The journey to curly

    First we clarify
    We strip away all the gunk and build-up
    Left by trying to make it what it wasn't
    Gently though, oh so gently.
    Then we nourish the ends left damaged
    We give it protein and moisture
    Next we help them become
    What they were always meant to be
    By taking stress away, we support them
    We lift them. We dry them and
    Then let them loose.
    At first they aren't spectacular
    With time and practice they become
    What they were and the beauty
    Shines through their natural state
    It hasn't escaped my notice
    The powerful symbolism here
    That can be looked upon as vanity
    But really is the cathartic release
    Of pretending to be something I'm not
    Let all my deviations and curves
    Away from the straight lines of expectations
    Be the definition of my beauty
    For all to see.