Just want to show the world through my point of view My perspective, my decision, envision J.Reborne's vision.

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  • jreborne 1w

    Heavy Handed

    I used to be fearful of a heavy hand
    The weight of consequence
    caused me to tremble

    Then I saw your hand open wide
    Offering me abundance
    Mercies I haven't begun to see
    we're extended towards me

    Provision of things
    I didn't know I needed
    Desires met in ways
    I couldn't have permitted

    I began to understand
    Heavy is your hand.

    My strength was limited
    When yours showed up
    And kick in unlimited favor

    My reach was short
    When yours circumference me
    Carrying all my weights
    Making my circumstances light

    Never will I dismiss your heavy hand.

  • jreborne 11w

    The Day I Found...

    The day I found my voice
    It was in a room waiting to make a difference in what seems an impossible situation.

    It was waiting patiently
    Being stirred up in chaos of confusion politicians that breathe exhaustion polluting already infected air

    It was hoping for the best but put in distress that the changes we need to see wouldn't occur unless we fight for our own souls

    The world's grown into it's coldest season of life where we bitcoin the value of other people's lives
    We sell souls to a broken market
    Hosting the poor as our target.

    The day my voice stood up,
    It remembered its authority
    The responsibility to be accountable to God and show forth is love
    Be about the work of his hands.

    I used my voice simply
    It stood up high within me
    Clearly stated in all its clarity

    We need unity.

    Enough is enough.

    No more on my watch.

    This is it.

    And the night stood still
    To no longer replace the light of this world.


  • jreborne 11w


    He gave of himself
    His oneself
    Only to find
    Himself, whole self
    Broken tremendously.
    His self worn from the demise of the situationship
    Rocked his ability to remain in relationships
    Thinking all ships we're created to strand one
    Self preserving his undeserving heart
    He guards now what he should have from the start hoping history
    or her story don't rip him apart
    Reoccurring in will full bliss
    That a kiss ain't just a kiss
    But thorns prick
    Even with rose-colored glasses masking reality.
    It took hurt to get him turnt
    Returning to oneself
    To regain self-esteem
    Once again.

  • jreborne 11w

    Kravin Connections

    I met him.
    I deep intellectual
    craving at my soul
    embracing his
    back breaking,
    to strip down and show
    my most vulnerable self
    Was he worthy?
    No, I just focused on my feeling and went with the high
    that comfort foods lie
    between the folds of my hips
    like soul ties
    surpassing the drama from my childhood
    stringing me softly
    to the hanging of my heart
    All because I crave connection
    Walking from the light
    Unaware of its dark.

    Don't fall for Kravin
    like I did
    You'll become another one
    Mis Connected.


  • jreborne 12w



    Elijah McClain

  • jreborne 12w

    THE truth

    They say live in your truth.
    Til your truth collides with her truth and his truth is a lie to your truth, and their truth goes against and dismiss our truth and the truths we both expressed led us to confess all we needed

    Then things go left.

    Leaving us empty, all wanting what we should have started out receiving...


  • jreborne 12w

    Broken Egocentricity

    I was wrapped up in my feelings
    Dealing with the drama of what I didn't have, what a loss and what I can not obtain in the time I wanted to look normal
    Only to find,
    I wasn't meant to fit into the square others boxed me into
    I wasn't planned for the angles he tried to spin for my story
    My climax was not based on what flesh could make me feel and the liberty I sought wasn't in you or me but the one who created my identity
    For this I am unapologetic
    Though I couldn't embrace it,
    Now I get it.
    Gaining the world and losing my soul would have been a coin toss of a penny with a hole.
    Worthless to the toss and invaluable to the worthiness of me.
    I thought I had a plan but your thoughts have superseded my wildest dreams
    Leaving me-centered cities without revenue, my ego plucked and unplugged from inflation.


  • jreborne 14w


    I came to understand that people will create a narrative and expect you to dive in, become the story, injest the lies and thrive in the polution they created for you. What they didn't know was the story already attached to you was one of survival, overcoming and understanding. This story ends on a positive note, one they didn't contribute to but caused you to fight against and grow. An incorruptible seed that takes the hardness of life and invokes strength you never knew you had.
    You fit your own narrative, not the one they thrown on to you.


  • jreborne 14w

    Servant's Call

    A heart to hold the love for humanity but the leadership remain unscared by our frail parts. A tying together of all people and having the courage to fight for those who need an advocate. A humility to give of oneself without over spending one's ability for self care. To join in the leading of community and show them how its done. Expecting them to grow and give in leadership and also become. To deep dive into converstions that make life come alive. To be a leader without reward in difficult times.


  • jreborne 16w


    For all