too deep, yet too shallow, sometimes a riddle, sometimes mellow, maybe life is simply a toasted marshmallow ��

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  • juby2507 20h


    किसी को भूल जाने की हमारी फितरत नहीं,
    बस तुम्हे भूला देने का फितूर हैं।
    तुम्हारी यादों को ना याद करने के लिए,
    हम पल पल मजबूर हैं।
    तुम्हारी बेवफाई पे नहीं,
    अपनी वाफा पे हमें गुरूर हैं।

  • juby2507 2d

    To all the folks out their pretending to be someone to get accepted in this chaotic world, be yourself and lose the ones who can't accept you the way you are.
    You are born to be you, not anyone else

    #life #advice #beyourself #hypocrisy #relationships #diplomacy #honesty @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Chaotic puzzles

    You are aware of the truth,
    But you can't say.
    You see discrimination,
    But you can't show your dismay.
    You are disgusted by haters,
    You can't turn them around.
    Even after an ovation prospective speech,
    Some still don't have a mind sound.
    "Ignore them" is what you are told,
    But you wish to be bold,
    In your quest for life,
    I don't want you to fold.
    So build your castle in peace,
    Somewhere away from this chaos of a missing puzzle piece.
    I tell you this with an honest heart,
    You will cease to exist in parties and fake laughs,
    But you will find your might,
    In a few relations that last...

  • juby2507 4d

    Breakaway bonds

    Remenicing through our childhood promises
    I came across many 'forevers'
    But with age came wisdom and a mind to think

    Each lane u chose, u drifted apart
    Maybe it was ego from a broken heart
    I could have said yes to please you
    To hàve it your way
    But i gambled a friendship, I didn't know, faded away
    You talk high but i see you low
    You wanted me to follow your religious show
    You judge me, who are you?
    You may be right, but I won't bow.
    Maybe forever is term,
    Whose meaning you don't know...

  • juby2507 5d

    I am good,
    But I am not
    An angel.
    I do sin,
    But I am not
    A devil.

  • juby2507 1w

    In 2013 my classmates befriend me and kept conditioning my with lies. Lies about him being adopted, losing his love in accident, her soul still haunting him to wear branded clothes to maintain status, his family not loving him, his then gf cheating him and how I am his answer to happiness.

    In the name of being my friend (only friend) he exploited me for money and pity makeouts. For 3 yrs he cashed me, restricted me to talk to any person about my overly abused plight, including my family. But I finally put my foot down to kick him out of my apartment in2016 with my mother's support.

    After that he came to redeem himself, for forgiveness twice in 2018 and 2019. Twice I forgave and believed him( he was dumped by girls he thought would marry him), only to realize he was using me again under a sob story pretext. Believe it girls fall for his pervert dialogues till they get close and realise his "douche bagness" and dump him

    Ironically he claimed from brain haemorrhage to nerve damage he had all the diseases ( got me to pay for his bosee speaker to hear music till he died in 3 month) yet he is alive still!!

    I pray no one meet a guy name Abhay Singh. Even the devil would be disgusted by him. His scars still pain me, why me? Why did he had to cheat my friendship? Why was I so gullible? Why didn't he show honesty to me ? I ask these questions sometimes wondering if I could just go back in time.

    #betrayal #truestory #depression #newstart #metoo @mirakee @mirakee_words @writersnetwork

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    When I was simple and naive,
    With collecting keychains as my my pet peeve.
    He stumped on my lush green,
    Under false pretext he hid his face mean.
    He swiped my plastic
    And threw debts in my face.

    I learnt my lesson with scars deep
    Wiped my tears and tried to sleep
    I brushed him off like little pebble,
    And cleansed my soul with witch-hazel.

    Now I shut my garden's door
    My kingdom is mine, not their eye-sore
    Yet, shameless! He goes around carefree
    without any notice
    How the my enchanted garden is now a pile of moses.
    He asked me " why are you rude?"
    Maybe it's because I learnt from you to be shrewd...

  • juby2507 1w

    More precious than Gold

    I look through my photos old,
    They look happy;
    More precious than gold.
    I miss the smile;
    So innocent and pure,
    It belonged to someone;
    I don't know anymore.

    She didn't seet approval on her shopping cart,
    She carried her grocery bags alone from D-mart.
    She was not caught in a frenzy of body shaming,
    She was never into attention craving.

    Yet now I have changed
    Infront of my laptop, all slain...

  • juby2507 1w

    Bean stalk

    It's a sinking feeling..
    Like When your dress gets spoiled,
    Before you go onto stage.
    It's a pen's scribble,
    you cannot erase.
    Even the correction pen's layer
    Is a weak facade, that doesn't care.
    Perhaps you are trying to be clean
    Still looking for a bean stalk to lean
    The faces you thought belonged to you
    At the knock of hell, were the first things that flew
    And so you are left with feathers of memoirs
    Scattered around
    Wondering where to bury them in your tiny
    Heart’s ground...

  • juby2507 2w

    Happiness is you; is me,
    Together when we become two peas
    I wil save you with all my might,
    You are my northern star
    Shining bright,
    I promise to never let you go
    For you are the only heaven
    I have always known....

  • juby2507 2w

    किसी एक फुर्सत में जब मिले ज़िन्दगी
    तोह पूछो मैं उससे
    की बता ज़िन्दगी कैसा रहा सफर मेरे साथ
    कभी बदल के तुझे गले लगा लिए
    कभी रूत के तुझे से खुद को चुप्पा लिया
    पर तुम कभी छोर्ड के न गए
    एक आखरी जाम एक लिए फिर रुक गए...

  • juby2507 13w

    You will not see or hear the universe work
    On healing your broken soul
    But you will feel it,
    Like the warm snuggle of a million feathers,
    The calm of a sea on a starry night,
    Or the smell of a freshly baked loaf;
    You will taste it,
    Like a mild sweetness engulfing you heart,
    Or a burst of bobas in your mouth;
    It will be sly, hour by hour, day by day,
    Until one morning you will wakeup
    To a state of happyness...