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  • juli031 9w


    Calm down obsession
    Go away
    I am fed up of u now

  • juli031 13w

    The hell with the fake people,
    Who backbites....backstabs
    Height urself to be a steeple,
    And say those people


  • juli031 13w

    Don't talk to me babe,
    If ur mind says.
    Oh yes....talk to me,
    If ur heart truly says


  • juli031 13w


    Walking on the footpath,
    On a rainy day.
    Free from all the stuff,
    Walking miles away.

    A thought came aloud in my mind,
    How far the world could go,
    That's why god!!I wanted a cloistered life,
    Fed up of a life...which goes to and fro.

    But now......it seems I understand u god,
    Why u gave me this complicated life.
    I m just a little mob,
    But yes!! I m going to follow ur zigzag path sharp like a knife.