In a world full of exposed people..it feels good to be a mystery.

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  • junestars 3d

    This is not the truth:
    When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower , you water it daily…..One who understand this, understand life….

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    The truth is...

    If you like a flower , you would stay there for a while and adore the beauty of it and after a while you would leave.

    If you love a flower , you would pluck it because you would not want anyone else to have it and would keep it with you all the time. After few days or months when it will lose its essence and the petals , when nothing would be left in it You will throw it in the bin .
    ( I know this is bitter but it is the truth )

    But When You Care for a flower , you would water it daily to keep it fresh and blooming . You would do anything to surround it with happiness and watch it grow . You'll help it in every possible way you can and protect it from the evil eyes of others.

  • junestars 1w

    Do you...

    It is true
    I've others to talk to
    But they're not you
    And I love you
    Do you love me too?

  • junestars 4w


    Don't know why I'm still waiting on you
    When you left me to never come back
    And I wish you could tell me
    What is it that I lack
    I know you've moved on
    Don't want me anymore
    And I've tried my best to let go
    To leave behind the shadow
    But your thoughts always overshadow my mind
    And Make me go blind
    Not anymore though
    Because now I know
    It's high time
    For me to move on
    With a smile.

  • junestars 7w


    He wanted me to overcome my fears
    What he didn't know was losing him was my biggest fear
    And funny enough he wasn't even mine

  • junestars 12w

    I wish...

    I wish I could see through your lies
    You fed me with , my whole life
    And I know I should have left
    The day you made me depressed
    But You just know what to say
    To always make me stay

  • junestars 12w


    Not everyone is supposed to get love , you think they deserve

  • junestars 12w

    Little did he know...

    The devil asked me to give him my soul
    Without thinking twice I gave him my soul
    Because little did he know
    My life resides in my lover's soul

  • junestars 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Vast

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    Her love was as vast as the ocean

  • junestars 13w

    Unknown writer

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    you are like that bad habit of mine
    I get back to , once in a while

  • junestars 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Distance

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    He was beside her but yet so distant