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  • jungkookshi508 6w

    This pain inside of me,
    It hurts like hell,
    Like a knife stabbing through my heart,
    Breaking into a million pieces,
    One by one slowing falling apart,
    I hate this feeling so much,
    It makes me cry everyday,
    I don't know who or what did this to me,
    But i am certain thus pain won't last forever,
    It will be replaced by happiness,
    Happiness that can change my life forever

    -love jungkookshi508

  • jungkookshi508 7w

    Unknown Story

    I thought you weren't coming back, but that's what i thought, you left me and never came back!. You were so happy with your new friends, friends that even hate me, what kind of a friend are you?. Ah i know a PLASTIC friend that's what you are you used me and left me their in the darkness when i needed you the most. This year we always passed by each other i know you look at me or stare at me sometimes but that look doesn't work on me anymore. I found new friends who understands me more and DOESN'T LEAVE ANYONE BECAUSE IM ANNOYING AND ALWAYS TAKING ABOUT MY CRUSH. So what i don't give a damn about your own damn business. Sorry but I'm not that kind of friend anymore who is so kind, girly and shy. Sometimes we change for the best for others to see our other sides
    ( Sorry for the language or bad words you can see, im just mad once again sorry ☺️

  • jungkookshi508 8w

    Just Speak Yourself


  • jungkookshi508 8w

    "We Will Be Each Others First And, We Will Be Each Others Last".

  • jungkookshi508 9w


  • jungkookshi508 9w

    The most painful goodbyes are the ones that were never explained or expected.

  • jungkookshi508 10w

    Thank you

    Wa daebak!
    Thank you so much for 500 followers
    I promise to put my heart, mind, and soul in every post that i make thank you☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • jungkookshi508 12w


  • jungkookshi508 12w


    It hurts so much,
    People come,
    People go,
    Why do you have to go,
    I miss you please stay beside me,
    Wishing everyday that you come back,
    Memories made each day,
    Everyday filled by the pool of my tears,
    They left me without saying anything,
    I'd rather die than seeing you leaving with someone else,
    I wonder if i didn't do that tiny mistake,
    Would you still be beside me,
    The hardships we went through,
    The happiness we shared,
    The sweet memories we made as friends,
    But i was the only one calling you that,
    I thought you said you never leave me,
    But you did

  • jungkookshi508 14w


    Happy anniversary my seven little dorks, my seven little babies. I hope more years to come, more successful years to come. Please stay healthy all the time. We will always be by your side supporting your every comeback once again Happy anniversary my seven little dorks for getting this far.

    For those who are confused i am proudly saying i am an ARMY, yes i am one of the BTS fans. I hope you won't judge me because i know who i am and i know myself than others. If you don't like them then im fine with that that is your own decision and