Pain makes Penning. karthikeyu(Insta Profile)

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  • justathoughtt 15w

    Nights have become so scary. Days have become so uncertain. Mind has become so dark. Heart has become so heavy and life has become so messed up. All I can do is silently cry and console myself.

  • justathoughtt 90w

    "... everytime, there is a whisper or echo of your name, I am crushed beneath the pain of distance. "

  • justathoughtt 92w

    You are ubiquitous.
    you are sky.
    you are air.
    And you became my world in a blink of an eye.

  • justathoughtt 94w

    Amma.. could you please come here and stay with me for a while ? Because I want to hear your voice, see your smile. I want to hold you tight , never let go, and tell you how much I love you so. You are my positive energy and inspiration of the life. Love you Amma. You are my world. Everything I am, because you helped me to be. It is really hard to stay away from you. There is no life for me with out you. I miss you very badly this time. I am so blessed to have the most beautiful, lovely and best mother in the world. My love, care on you never fade away even after my last breath.
    Happy mother's day Amma

  • justathoughtt 98w

    While searching for the meaning of life, I have almost reached near to death!

  • justathoughtt 105w

    She found beauty in broken heart,
    the way broken found a home in me.
    She found light in dark sky,
    the way darkness found a home in me.
    She found happiness in healing scars,
    the way deep scars found a home in me.
    Then, I found a home in her heart,
    the way her heart found a home in me.❤

  • justathoughtt 105w

    She found the colors to paint him, where the world had left him gray.

  • justathoughtt 108w

    Every second reminds me that
    "We are so close yet we are so far".

  • justathoughtt 112w

    This year I survived.
    Next year, I live.

  • justathoughtt 118w

    Why do you make me weak always ? What ever I felt for you, It was beautiful and real. Now, whenever I think about you, whenever those momories I spent with you come to my mind, I feel so bad. I have everything in my life. I have a beautiful girl who loves me more than my self. But, I still feel bad whenever I rewind those memories. Should I console my heart that the girl I loved has been dead ? or Should I console my heart that the girl I loved is just nothing more than a stranger ? How can I undo the feelings that I had for you ? Why do those feelings always make me feel empty ? Why did I love you so madly ?