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  • justatry 140w


    Was it hate? Or was it his way to show love ?
    That is Love heart convinced brain..

    Ignoring is a part of love, until you wait for him with all pain.

    Again the heart convinced brain, That's just a matter of time...... you'll see his face soon with glory in his eyes.

    Rejoiced he will be , to meet you just as he was before and he'll ride like a price just to be next to you.

    Days passed.. As promised , she did wait . Convincing herself (he does love me)

    "Don't giveup ", finally said the Brain to Heart, pacing so slow , as it grew old.

    Eternal is her love. Soon he'll realize. Hence their story will end as
    Happily Ever After. ‚̧

  • justatry 196w

    One chance

    It was unintentional to hurt you like this

    With you not around I don't know how to express how much I miss

    To throw away my guilt is all I pray

    To forgive or forget is your choice to make

    Hope we don't lose what we have

    If only you give that one fine chance!