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  • justcaptions 2w


    Have you seen the rain dropping
    In hot dry land, seems like a topping
    Have you felt the peace it brings
    At the end of a hot day, when it sings

    Cool breeze, soothing wind
    Feels like the comfort is pinned
    What can be more beautiful than that
    After a hot sunny day, a cold hat

    This is perfection to be frank
    Nothing that you can buy with bank
    This is similar for all rich and poor
    Nature being everyone's, saviour


  • justcaptions 2w


    Beauty is an illusion to be true
    Even the beauty, can catch a flu
    Sweet for one and and cute for the other
    Many terms for beauty, you need not bother

    There was a time when beauty meant simple
    Then came the time, with limelight on dimple
    Changing its meaning across the flow
    But never ever, did it lose its glow

    Beauty means different to different minds
    That needs to be respected, for it binds
    All emotions, mankind has
    Without it, they feel distressed

    For people without beauty, they feel so lost
    They wish to change it at all cost
    No knowing what beauty really means
    They start finding rice, in a pack of beans

    Real beauty is to love oneself
    To stay contented with themselves
    Others are just people's view
    One day nice, the other, abuse


  • justcaptions 2w


    The skies get golden as the time goes
    A little bit of wind, beside me blows
    The sun sets in the far west skies
    And along with it, the day lived dies

    It marks the end, of a day
    Be it bright, be it gray
    Yet sunset holds memories
    To pain, without remedies

    Living in the past has never helped
    Loving dogs have sometimes yelped
    Sunset holds memories too clear
    To cherish or erase, we just fear

    Just like the dark night it brings
    We do fear the way that stings
    We fear the memory that it holds
    May bring forth darkness as it unfolds

    But remember my friend this little thing
    Even a gray day can have a beautiful beginning
    Of a sunset that rids us all
    Of memories that made us fall


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    Coming out of a bud it seems,
    Out of the tree trunk without a scream;
    Green is its colour, soft as it feels,
    Leaf is its name, I'm trying to teem!

    Unknown of the world, out it comes,
    Pouring some shadow on the grounds
    Like a small lump,out it bumps
    Feeling and hearing, the magic of sound!

    It looks so tender, when it's small
    Will grow and harden, and it'll fall
    For it keeps us alive and the world too
    Oh leaf, life isnt possible without you!

    Some are red some are green
    I know you will never be mean
    But at last you too will turn yellow
    Fall to the ground, join your fellow

    But the impact that it makes
    In this unthankful world, till it breaks
    Is more than we can ever know
    It's something, we can only borrow!


  • justcaptions 3w

    Change is difficult, yet the only thing constant in this universe is CHANGE!


  • justcaptions 3w

    Keep smiling! Life isn't bad all the time!


  • justcaptions 3w


    Life is not as simple as it sounds
    There are things, with which it bounds
    People and moments that we found
    Will never be the same if we go around

    Ask a tree what it has seen
    Standing still, its vision keen
    Tall and firm as it grows
    Smiling, when the storm blows

    They have never done no bad
    That surely, makes them glad
    But have they ever been choosy
    Who they think Neil, who they feel Suzy

    The answer to that is a no
    That is a lesson, that they show
    We are to see everyone fairly
    These words might weigh barely

    To all the people that we met
    Till date, what did we get
    Some left us, some are there
    With us, no matter how bare

    What trees teach is priceless
    Having a judgy mind, is a mess
    We take wrong turns in life
    Choosing someone who has the knife

    Choosing just is a peace of mind
    Things go wrong, but don't go blind
    Little to remember if all we do is think
    Be like a tree, be just, don't blink!


  • justcaptions 3w


    Saw you in my dreams last night
    Made me smile, coz it wasn't bright
    Sometimes I cherish that smile
    Before it all went vile

    What we had together was amazing,
    Raving yells, but our hearts praising
    Always knew what the consequences were
    That we were in love, but it wasn't fare

    I wish to meet again in some other time
    So people don't decide, with whom we chime
    They say our love is forbidden
    Thay say, its better when ridden

    Months have passed by I do miss you
    Never knew I could make it through
    Wasn't strange when things suddenly changed
    Knew from the start, our love only ranged

    Still I gave myself, all to to you
    I know very well, you did it too
    Maybe they left tears in our eye
    But, it was definitely worth a try


  • justcaptions 3w


    When the soul feels low on a chilly winter night
    And there seems nothing to make this right
    Just stand lose in an open place
    And let the wind show you its grace

    Hurdling around obstacles, it finds its way
    Nothing can stop it, they say
    However long may the path be
    Nothing can stop it, once its free

    It’s hard to be like wind all the way
    Save your strength and halt for a day
    Have an ear for what the master has to say
    Because, every brick was once a clay

    Swishing through holes, whooshing through plains
    Whispering through leaves, all that has remained
    Howling through caves, all in the terrains
    But in these years, I have never stained

    I can scream, I can thunder
    I can roar, I can murmur
    But every time that I lost my pace
    I was the one who picked up my chase

    Life isn’t fluttery and swishy all the time
    At times I climb mountains, at times I just chime
    But never forget this O little friend
    That, if you drop something, then you are to bend

    Saying this, it swooshed past me,
    Leaving with me a feeling of free
    I picked up the pace I thought I lost
    Came in, as things were tuning into frost


  • justcaptions 3w


    I really regret and gave a bow
    To all those that I have missed till now,
    Be it people, be it schedule, I count all
    This is a New Year but I will not fall!

    This time things will be different,
    Past times have made me silent;
    I have realised, life is too short,
    To keep things that matter, abroad.

    No more postponing things that matter,
    There is no me, if I don't invest better,
    The time I get to build myself,
    Or the books will just remain in shelf.

    Thus I conclude with this little wish,
    To complete my goals, before the finish
    Of this Year into a new one;
    Take your time too, it will fun!