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  • justinmhlanga 6w

    0:24 Sec

    Can't rectify them
    Wats done is done
    Memories never faded
    Wish it never ended
    Every moment turning into torment
    Pills to get me through the night
    I just couldn't handle it
    Wishing u could feel wat u said
    Regret is the day our paths collided
    Hoping someday my heart let goes
    Of all pain and hope of you coming back

  • justinmhlanga 7w


    It took smile to put a smile on
    It took several seconds to turn me on
    It took one second for my heart to beat that fast
    It took all of that silence me

  • justinmhlanga 13w


    Hey it's me again
    I won't bother you
    I thought I should let you know
    I'm not the person you used to know
    But the say love ain't real if the pain don't last
    If life is a movie I will let pain play it's part
    I thought I could fly you took my wings away
    Im fading but I keep falling into you
    You were the best part of my life
    A Dead rose in garden about to pour into©justinmhlanga

  • justinmhlanga 15w

    It's around me

    I need love as Rose's need rain
    I need love even if it's fake so it's around me
    I don't wanna feel alone
    I need someone I can call home
    Where warmth is always felt
    Where sad moments are turned into laughter
    I need care as gardens need water to make they blossom
    I need someone to hold my hand as the world crumble me Into weakness
    I need love even if it's fake so they are always around me

  • justinmhlanga 18w

    Her eyes are the window to her soul
    With smile full of wonders


  • justinmhlanga 18w


    As I love someone that could never be mine
    At times I wish I can be her shadow at light
    And at night time be the full moon and be her light
    As I gaze Into her eyes she becomes my drug
    My heart become a refugee in her heart
    Without her acknowledgement
    I wish my love could be recognized
    Pain in my heart as she doesn't notice me
    Don't wanna be second choice
    As burn some bridge
    Her love doesn't fade

  • justinmhlanga 35w

    As my eyes picks a flower from a garden's
    I can assure you it was facing the the east direction while others facing the sky
    My heart became one with hers and enlighten the room evertime she walks in her beauty never fades
    My love for her shall never break
    Holding her heart Im heedfull
    Whenever I'm with her I feel effervescent
    Loving the whole of her loving her scent

  • justinmhlanga 35w

    Hey there beautiful

    Hey there beautiful
    Do you still remember me
    Do you still remember how we used to see one future in ones eye
    Hey there beautiful
    Do you miss me when loneliness becomes you friend
    Long conversation with you would be great old friend
    I know now that you a rare like a beautiful rose that grows out of the dessert
    A flower so beautiful from all angles if i could lend you my eyes you would see that she beautiful she is an angel
    Her unique beauty is a perfection done by our almighty God
    If I could take back the time I would buy you a ring made out of GOLD
    Hey there beautiful
    Do you remember do you remember the promise
    When you said you wouldn't leave me I reckon that was your promise
    I guess people change and time goes
    And I'm still the same I guess that's how it goes
    Been trying to confuse my mind but all the pressure seems to be slimming all the way to my back
    The is a hope In my heart that is fading into else
    Hey there beautiful

  • justinmhlanga 36w

    I was Lost when I gazed into your eyes
    My soul was relevid when you hand touched mine

  • justinmhlanga 36w

    Broken wings mend in time