I have a gift & can walk within 3 rhelms at the same time which means I view this world different than most. And i am cursed by the Blood Moon

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  • justjudy_flack 2d


    You are my eternal light
    & my unforgettable nights
    You shine within me
    Brighter than the sun

    You are unlike
    Anyone I've ever met
    You look at me so gentle
    Making my mind
    Totally fragmental

    You are so giving
    And complimental
    Your gifts are always
    So monumental
    And I'm just temperamental

    We have the perfect
    Talking about our

    And when this world
    Seems so bleak
    I want to thank you
    For your

    You complete me
    Make me a better

  • justjudy_flack 4d

    I wrote him 48 poems
    But he never wrote me one song

  • justjudy_flack 4d

    Embrace your inner child
    Carry it into all of your endeavours
    And you can master anything

  • justjudy_flack 4d

    John's Day

    On the brink
    Of a realization
    While trying to
    Look over the devastation
    My head is weary
    As the trip is long
    The radio playing
    The same ole song
    I can't put a finger
    On what is wrong

    By: John Combs

  • justjudy_flack 5d

    Thanks for stopping by
    The last time I saw you
    All you said was goodbye
    All my dreams shattered
    Lost within your lies
    & no compromise

    But it was great to see you
    Come back anytime
    But please don't stay long
    Or try to tell me I was wrong
    Our love unraveled
    & played out
    Like a bad country song

  • justjudy_flack 5d

    I'm waiting
    For my Prince Charming

  • justjudy_flack 1w

    I'm hanging on by a thread
    While u think you're holding
    The rope...

  • justjudy_flack 1w

    I can smell the stench
    Of your lies
    & see them in your eyes
    While you think your a prize
    Im already saying
    My goodbyes


  • justjudy_flack 2w

    Twinkle Me Pink

    Twinkle me pink
    As the stars sparkle in your eyes
    My heart taken in a blink
    Swept into the twilight
    With no time to think
    As u give me that wink


  • justjudy_flack 3w

    You pull me in
    Just so you can tear me apart
    And push me away
    I'm so done with
    This game you play
    Throwing my heart away