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  • justpenitdown 15w

    There are days when the heart feels so low as if the world's sadness is encapsulated in it.There happens to be a rush of dejection which has no clear explanation. Suddenly, the journey of life seems out to be a long walk filled with mishappenings.These eyes blurt out water without a cause.The level of emotions explode reaching extreme heights.There are days when this heart feels so numb as if some part of my living has collapsed and this heart is paying a condolence for it.Sometimes we don't need a reason to be sad, we are just so filled up on the inside that no matter how happy things we see around, our soul just doesn't reciprocate.


  • justpenitdown 16w

    She tried so hard to be that the world wanted to see.She went on threading her fears into a pearl string and garlanded it around her neck feeling herself to be a prisoner of her own thoughts.She remained a philosopher by mind, a thinker profound.She saw beauty in those lonely nights, seeing the ocean's azure waves giving her a serene aura in which she finds pleasure.She imagines her mind's raising thoughts as the ocean's gusty waves on a high tide.The chaos in her mind seems to get indulged in those waves and rise on a high tide just as her stumbling mind that seeks peace on certain days crammed with nasty vibes.


  • justpenitdown 17w

    I don't wanna know how beautiful you consider me, I wanna know till when?
    I don't wanna know about your dreamscape, I wanna know do stars excite you?
    I don't wanna know how your strength is beyond measure, I wanna know how well you could uplift an under par.
    I don't wanna know how nice-looking you consider yourself to be, I wanna know how happy you are?
    I don't wanna know how luxurious life you lead, I wanna know how many luxuries you could willingly restrict yourself from?
    I don't wanna know how much you possess, I wanna know how much you can sacrifice?
    I don't wanna know how attracting your guitar tune is, I wanna know how soothing is the rhythm of your soul's voice.
    I don't wanna know how well your colour contrast is, I wanna know how synchronised your words and actions are.


  • justpenitdown 18w

    It's not about managing things, it's about managing your reaction to those things.
    Things that you come across here and there should never have a direct impact over your mind's stabilty and positivity.The changes that you see in someone's behaviour or the changes that you notice in the outside world should not get completely indulged in your mind.You don't have to stay frustrated and angry the entire day because of a random argument you had in the morning, instead you need to leave it immediately over a smile.
    A person who notices you the least and happens to have zero idea about you should not always be your mood swinger.Your peace shouldn't fluctuate over some random shit.