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  • justrandom_thoughts 10w


    The sun rays falling down from blue
    Is it a clue
    Me falling for you
    The sun is shining today
    Like it's a brand new day
    And am i falling for you
    Only you
    Imagining you and me falling in love
    Am I Hallucinatinating
    About us
    Is it heavenly enough
    here I am writing these verses out of the blue
    And I am hoping
    That someday
    It will just be me and you.

  • justrandom_thoughts 17w

    Who I might be

    Feel like I am drowning
    Drowning so deep
    That I can't even breathe
    I don't know who I might be
    I am scared to be drowned
    Scared to be dead
    I just wanna leave and have
    No regrets
    This isn't the place I wanted to be
    And now
    I am sick of being stuck in this weird little dream
    Of becoming
    Who I am not
    And Who I might be

  • justrandom_thoughts 18w


    Chasing stars
    Is like chasing people
    I wanna chase myself
    In this galaxy
    Find me
    And tell myself that I am enough
    I am destined to be me and nothing more than that
    And its not my job to prove it to anyone
    For who I am
    Or who I am gonna be
    So, chase the universe within you
    And let stars be the key

  • justrandom_thoughts 18w

    To the boy I never met

    It feels like I am gonna regret
    To the boy I never met

    Signing all day thinking about you
    I guess it's ok to dream about you

    Well I am not sure If I am loosing my mind
    Looks like a movie that has been rewind
    Thoughts about you is still flowy
    Am I being nostalgic ?
    Thinking about your existence!

    Every time I try to pour my words on the paper
    It all bashful
    As if a memory is still thankful
    Picturing you is still a tough task
    But I know who to ask!

    A little memory of you is still in my heart
    When u held my hand and said

  • justrandom_thoughts 20w


    Rythm of the beats are
    Tranquility to her mind
    A tale behind every song
    Is like heartbeats to her soul

    Dancing under the stars is
    Still her dreams
    She is no pro
    But she is ready to go

    She cannot express herself while speaking
    Expressing herself through dance is an escape for her to keep leading

    Dance for her is a preaching
    Is a feeling
    When someone starts dreaming

    Getting haunted by the thoughts that her dream will not be recognized
    She doesn't even give a try

    She knows she is timid
    Sometimes she is ripped apart
    But she still trusts her instincts
    That vividly
    She will become who she wants too
    And that nobody could deny
    Her gift by the God.

  • justrandom_thoughts 20w


    Been feeling low lately
    Feel like running away
    Just wanna get away from the outro

    Sometimes I feel euphoric
    Sometimes it's ecstasy

    Just want to live in the depthness of Blissfulness
    But it's all sadness

    Every time I pick myself up
    Try to walk towards the light
    I get lost due to those unpleasant illusions

    And that It feels like it's all Delusions

  • justrandom_thoughts 22w

    When a girl has dreams

    A girl with dreams
    Well it looks harder than it seems
    She knows her efforts will be denied
    She still wants to fly high
    She had been chasing her dreams
    Like a baby chases her mom
    It's like she has beautiful wings
    Ready to fly
    Still people are trying to cut them down
    All she wants is her life be happening
    She doesn't wanna be the same season for the year
    Yet she holds a cry for a tear

    She loves changes
    Changes that reflect alacrity
    She wants to live in her own twilight Zone
    Of meditation
    For her that's a special occasion

    Yet it looks harder than it seems
    When a girl has dreams

  • justrandom_thoughts 23w


    Seren a word that she believes
    Defines herself
    Is a word that shines in itself
    A soul which is seren is a soul of a
    Beautiful humanitarian
    A human who believes in peace
    Is the one the world disbeliefs
    There are times when she is frown
    But she tells her self to keep up the Crown
    Because this world deserves a Queen
    And not a Clown...

  • justrandom_thoughts 23w

    Girl Who Speaks Her Mind

    Always considered myself a tiger
    Underneath the skin of an insane shy girl
    Lives a vintage soul
    Who still believes that vampires and werewolves were real
    Believes that she has a soul
    That no one has
    A mind like a Banshee
    Courage like a True Alpha
    In this world where Human desires
    To achieve great things
    She just want to be a mother to a child
    A healer to a thin-skinned
    Still love those little things in life
    Yet the world considers her
    A slut with God damn heights