my heart wrapped in thorns

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  • jv_thorns 1w

    Lonely Without You

    There may not be any tears rolling down my cheek
    But I swear my soul cries when I think of you
    Looking at you is like looking at roses
    Beautiful and sweet
    But my hands are wrapped tightly around these thorns
    And I bleed
    Just by looking into your eyes
    I can feel these stitches in my heart come undone
    And at night
    When I'm thinking of you
    Every feeling that I buried deep down
    Gets dug back up from it's grave
    I feel dead because I know I'm not alive with you
    I wish I could be happy without you, like you are without me.

  • jv_thorns 1w


    I remember your voice
    The same way I remember the taste of warm honey on my tongue
    But my veins still linger with venom
    And I still cough up water from drowning in my regret
    I should've known that love was out of my reach from the beginning
    Though it's something I've always dreamt of
    But sometimes I can't tell if I'm having a dream or a nightmare
    When all I seem to find is hate.

  • jv_thorns 7w

    Blood Stained Pages

    I still find myself thinking of the same dreams
    The same ones that no longer occupy my mind at night
    I even find myself picking at old scars
    Watching them bleed over and over again
    I've read these same poems before
    But sadly I can't burn away the pages of that book
    Because they're stained onto my heart
    And that blood doesn't seem to wash away.

  • jv_thorns 8w

    Scared to be Alone

    I've given up on the one thing I swore I would find one day
    I've given up on love
    Even though it scares me to death to be alone.

  • jv_thorns 8w

    Almost Defeated

    I thought I had my demons defeated
    Trapped behind bars
    Imprisoned for their crimes
    But one day they broke free
    And they almost killed me
    Bruised me and cut me
    Left me for dead
    But when I awoke from my beating, the first thing I saw was you dangling the keys in front of my face
    Showing me you were the one who set them free
    Though you promised me you were the one who wouldn't let me lose the fight
    I thought you loved me
    But you only wanted me for your benefit.

  • jv_thorns 8w

    Mouse Trap

    I no longer believe in love
    For love is like cheese on a mouse trap
    Put there to trick rodents
    For I was once a foolish mouse
    Tricked into believing that someone could love me
    But then the trap went off
    And I quickly learned that love is the bait to a trap called hate.

  • jv_thorns 12w

    The Lonesome Lover

    I still can't seem to get over that pain
    The pain of not being enough for the one whom I believed was perfect
    Now I suffer a different picture on the screen
    I still can't figure it out though
    This curse that I carry upon my back
    Was I born with it or did it become worse as the years grew darker?
    I thought I made it pretty clear a year ago
    How love is the one that kills
    And how isolation is death
    The strongest form of torture to a lovers heart.

  • jv_thorns 13w


    Translucent skeleton hiding beneath my skin
    A vice influenced inside of me
    Tugging at my heart day and night
    With every scar singing a new song
    When living no longer exist
    I find myself trapped in a false illusion in this broken place I call my room
    A room where the walls are painted black and as the night continues, the walls slowly close in
    Suffocation, stealing every breath from my lungs
    In this sorrow I have sewn
    I follow the fate of the blackened sky
    Give me air another day
    Lay waste to the grave
    My life became a vise.

  • jv_thorns 13w


    I scream, "silence!" to the mourning voices which cloud my heart
    I cry, "shut up!" to the demons which haunt me in the night and drag daggers across my thoughts
    A silent killer
    The devil and his demons
    The one of which consumes our lives and our souls
    A constant struggle of irritation and sleepless nights
    The sea grows darker and the storm rumbles for the dying lives
    Oh how the apathy kills my hope
    Alone in my silence I dwell
    Alone in my silence I sleep.

  • jv_thorns 13w

    Falling Lies

    I fell in love with the heart break
    It was the same drug that killed me but also kept me alive through the disease
    It was the final strike that undid every stitch of my sown and calloused soul
    The blow that would stop the storm, but also be the one to devour the blue sky
    What has held me still?
    Despite the pull of rush and anxiety
    Undoing the unrelenting Hell spoken by the mouth of yesterday
    I heard the call of my instinct, but I ignored the words which came from the light side of my heart
    And instead, I followed the dark side
    The side which fed my hunger with hate
    The side of which I died for, just to taste the artificial living
    Though I knew I gave up on the thing which called me day and night
    I threw my heart away because I was too afraid too feel
    Too afraid to try again
    My regrets had no end for the lie I believed
    The lie that I could be loved.