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  • k_arathi 1d

    ��upple, it was supposed to feel
    But mirrors reflected cracks, beige.
    ��hine own art wasn't considered to behold
    Yearns filled for those lines to be scraped away.
    ℝipped apart by the believes
    Lurking doubts flurried,
    ��yes were blinded by the dreams,
    Gaping, as the differences prevailed.
    ��houghts derailed,
    Now constructed visions
    ℂhastened by what grew along your inches.
    Moulding that heart time after time,
    ℍolding a drape across, everytime,
    You now wish to grasp back the abandoned courage,
    ��aking up yourself to embrace the change.
    Let that drape fall, undisguised you
    Now find yourself walking past the raven eyes, liberated.
    ��t nights when the fingers run beneath the linen
    To touch your skin, almond honey,
    ℝealise that nothing hinders the warmth you radiate,
    Slowly release the sails, for no more its a hurricane.
    ��eenly look forward, to another day.
    What if acceptance didn't come easy or at all,
    ��o long have been the process
    When finally you stopped looking yourself in disdain.
    Have I accepted that these lines are beautiful? No!
    Have I stopped seeing them as scars? Yes!
    I'll confess of hoarding body butters and oils for the lines that stretch across my skin but its revelation has never flooded me with sense of shame, never.
    There are many out there who'll relate to finding themselves oscillating between 2 thoughts :- whether wanting to lighten the marks shall make you a seeker of idealisation or if accepting the marks shall make you unbothered about your body. To be honest you don't have to be restrained to follow one thought.
    It's okay to make efforts for yourself and all the while feel contented with the current state of it.
    It's okay to define a confident version of yourself and to seek it.
    #pod #ceesrepost
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    What if acceptance didn't come easy or at all,
    o long have been the process
    When finally you stopped looking yourself in disdain.

  • k_arathi 1w

    ‡ Chamomile ‡
    "Wreathe of prickles and petals
    Entwined in each other's presence,
    Palms that feared to bleed
    Didn't dare to wreck the pair."
    Laying somewhere in the mahogany antique,
    You whisper to me its glory
    And my heart anchors itself to its essence.

    Through the rants that echoed
    The monosyllables uttered,
    Faith that leaps over the minutes
    Bliss hanging on tight.
    It's the chamomile evenings
    Which reminds me of mended hopes
    Sipping through its peace
    I repose into the memories divine.

    They never told
    About the tides we'll have to survive against,
    While chasing the sunsets pretty.
    Pillows that swallow my sighs
    Stacking it over
    The memories from the moaning nights.
    Giggles and dreams
    Like fireflies,
    Scintillates within the four walls.
    I wrap my arms around
    Flesh and bones.

    Mornings glazed with glances anew
    My steps longed to witness
    The wreathe
    That breathes our beginning.
    My eyes behold
    As it lays withered,
    Realisations and assumptions stutter,
    But there came your whisper,
    "Together they demised
    Along the clocks that ticked time
    But none out there wrecked the pair."
    Since forever "Love" has been my favourite metaphor to weave comparison to misery, happiness or utopia. I have been asked several times about falling in love but its more about it being the embodiment of several of my emotions and eventually this became my favourite expression to hold on to.
    Cliche or not, shallow or deep resonating to a feeling and venting your heart out does not need a definition. All you need to do it let out and feel alive through it.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite #ceesreposts

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    Palms that feared to bleed
    Didn't dare to wreck the pair.

  • k_arathi 2w

    ★Arum Lilies ★
    Basking in the moments
    Auburn skies calling in for the night,
    Like rushing through the mustard fields
    Palms against the winds,
    Grasping nothing
    Sailing through time.

    Steps creaking
    Against the norms,
    Hushed secrets sneaking
    Away from the scorns,
    Nestling in the quilted dreams
    The sleep filled the eyes with content
    Night after night.

    Myths didn't instill the adversities
    Yet wrapped our heads with dreams.
    To date, I read out our memoirs
    Inked with imperfections
    Dated promises
    And four-leaf clover resolves.
    I read it out
    As an au revoir to the feelings,
    Obliged to you
    Breathing through me.

    With a parting eulogy
    I picked up 2 arum lilies
    One for each of us,
    Joining your demise
    Adorning my vacant corner.

    I'll live sowing
    Fragrant reminders,
    Blossoming against the golden hours
    For the destinies that cross paths.
    Amidst the juggles and hustles
    I'll morph into the tranquil nights
    Until I spot you amongst the Orion stars.
    So Seri?
    Humari Adhuri Kahani X Dil Bechara
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @readwriteunite #ceesreposts

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    I'll morph into the tranquil nights
    Until I spot you amongst the Orion stars.

  • k_arathi 3w

    ~ Dandelions ~
    My steps trace along the dawn
    Through the grounds well known,
    Like a ritual accustomed
    I reach at the edge of the cliffs
    And in between the raves of the shores
    I collect the whispers that the zephyrs bring.
    Wanting it to be your mumbles,
    I breathe it in,
    Feel it all.

    Under the glow
    Sunlit honey,
    I play the montage
    Filled with memories,
    And as it rolls against the mundanity of time
    Pulses get lured out of its rhythm
    It dances a little tipsy
    In the sobriety of now,
    In the memories of whiskey twilights.

    People here haven't normalised
    To see me tripping over the present.
    They name my longing as
    Ask me to stitch a new facade.

    But springs haven't given me away
    To the first frosts,
    The scent of me as "me" is still staunch,
    It's a phase I need to be in
    Where I pluck your dandelions
    One by one
    Out of my lawns,
    Wanting to tuck it behind my ear
    I pay visit to your stone
    And drop them
    Whilst naming it my grave for the emotions
    Poetry that hits at midnight ✨
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee #ceesreposts

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    The scent of me as "me" is still staunch

  • k_arathi 5w

    We don't exist in places
    We live through their memories.
    We dwell in today
    And die reminiscing their stories.

  • k_arathi 8w

    You didn't board on the boat
    Won't realise falling into an abyss
    Paper facades
    Dreams dissipated into the thin air
    You drift into the dark
    Just to paint it in your hues
    To get lost through the spaces
    You wish to be found in.

    Muffled chaos
    Howling echoes
    One Mississippi
    Two Mississippi
    Three Missisi..
    You struggle
    A breath short
    Choking on the words unsaid
    Blown wick of will.

    23 missed calls
    Their thoughts
    Proven abstract
    Mocked maniac.
    Amidst the crowd known
    There was the one
    Who lent their ears on the 24th call.

    Anguishes heard.
    Four Mississippi
    Took too long to follow
    But because
    You knew someone was on the other side
    You decided to reach out to the light.
    The present materialises.

    This reach won't promise you
    A studded forever
    But that particular moment
    You were saved.
    It can't be stressed enough on how important it is to talk your heart out with somebody and more importantly to be the listener that the troubled one seeks for. I might not be the best one to preach about how to prevent depression and anxiety from manifesting a being but I know that a burdened heart yearns to share its load, someone to make them feel that they aren't alone. It's the sense of being lost that drives them to not feel the need to be ever found. This state is often a labyrinth, connecting dots from most unrelated places to draw dubious conclusions. Words might fall short and fear of contradiction may loom over but a call for help is the pitstop you'll need. :
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Save me - I'm Fine

  • k_arathi 9w

    Kites scattered in the sky,
    Voices from afar
    And I am lead back to
    Loiter around the words
    Picturing between the lines,
    The aisles of Kabul coming alive
    And tales of the strikingly typical lives began its flight.

    Untainted naivety of Hassan and
    Amir, the one restrained in the tumults of his beliefs.
    I left a trail of tears
    As the pages unleashed the journey of
    Unwavering faith,
    Covert betrayals,
    Quest for redemption.

    The sins that got silenced,
    Tongues tied in denial,
    The chaos unheard,
    Wars heart wrenching,
    And promises upheld,
    I was torn apart
    Venturing in the shoes of Amir
    And reluctance to leave behind the buoyant pages.

    Once you have seeped in all the words
    The images shall roll in front of your eyes,
    And I hope as you descend into the epiphany of "For you, a thousand times over",
    You'll find yourself
    Under the shade of the pomegranate tree
    Amidst the dreams of those undaunted young hearts.
    Sultans of Kabul, as once dreamt
    One reigned dying for the cherished
    The other lived upholding his essence.
    The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseni is an absolute gem. Re-reading it made me go through the emotional ride all over again. I couldn't keep myself from dedicating my words to this❤️
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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  • k_arathi 10w

    After a very long time

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    You are made to pause the motion
    And rake up through the memories.
    As the halt steals few moments of your rush
    Your heart finds what it desires,
    You hit the play button of the track
    From a year you don't remember.
    Now as the tune escapes your lips
    You let the emotions ooze out,
    And you find yourself with
    A sigh less.
    A vibe to connect.

  • k_arathi 60w

    We are the words defying the norms.

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    We are more than wrenched souls or scrambled stories,
    We are
    Cassettes played in the digital decade,
    The sunsets missed in the buzz,
    Photographs torn between shifts,

    Worth treasuring.

  • k_arathi 61w

    When you have a place
    Where you choose not to live in ,
    Yet you feel belonged
    Everytime you decide to stay ,
    You know you are HOME.