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  • kaagajstories 1d

    I din’t find myself there
    Not even here,
    Where was i?
    Was i kept in a box which was spare?


  • kaagajstories 2d

    At the top of the hills
    The heavy wind that sometime thrills
    Has spilled my mood
    In a way so rude
    That i don’t wanna talk to anybody
    Neither i want to eat food!

  • kaagajstories 3d

    I do commit mistakes,
    I do am afraid of betrayals,
    I do trust people alot even after getting backstabbed,
    I do behave like kids even when i am mature,

    Because i am a human being!

  • kaagajstories 4d

    Things are not the way they were back before
    When the ship reached the sea shore,

    There were plenty of bottles of guilt
    And each one wanted to let it go
    They never knew what they were doing was sow,

    The seeds of guilt was getting deep inside
    Humans like us always feel that they are on side,
    But we don’t know what is actually affecting
    And this is not going to confide!

  • kaagajstories 4d

    Things aren’t good,

    I smile
    Because i know they can be good any other time!🤭

  • kaagajstories 5d

    The roads were the same
    The path was not!

  • kaagajstories 1w

    If someday,
    We are forced to part our ways
    And the people would surely say,
    That i wasn’t being real with you
    Just find out those letters which you and me knew,

    Which were as real as all those days
    Which would help them solve that maze,
    And also tell them that i was never being fake

    I know you might cry for i was not there,
    Even i would be in so much stress
    Holding that necklace,
    Which you gifted me
    In that deep deep sea,

    Sea of happiness i would call
    And so the memories started to roll!

  • kaagajstories 1w

    That day,
    When i saw you

    That day,
    When i spoke to you

    That day,
    When we became friends

    Which day?
    Yeah, that day
    I fell in love with you!

  • kaagajstories 1w

    A day of happiness
    Wouldn’t be more happy than having you!

  • kaagajstories 1w

    I am a kind of person who forgets what happened yesterday.

    And for me, new day means new beginnings!