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  • kaddyspark 13w

    Happy mrng ����

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    Spread your wings

    Spread ur wings
    Fly on the sky
    Can't get caught by anyone
    Who want to control u

    Do what u want
    Tell what u thought
    Ask what ur questions
    Show what ur talent
    Speak what ur opinion
    Deserve what ur Worth
    Without the fear

    Who say.???? You can't
    Just show it, you can

    Some old people have their old rituals and thoughts
    Don't waste ur time to take out from their thoughts
    Coz they think they're perfect
    But the reality is,
    No one is perfect

    Fly on the sky
    Give me hi-5
    Reach the high
    Until no one can't reach ur high

  • kaddyspark 13w

    3 dimension ��
    #selfhelp#philosophy#find a way in however #insiprational#

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    If one door will be closed
    Another door will be open in your life
    Though the another door will not be open
    Break the door

  • kaddyspark 13w

    I dunno how many hearts i earned����

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    Life is not about ,
    Earning money or things
    It's about earning heart
    Though u earn a one heart
    It will create the meaning , how u lived ur life fully in the earth

    If u really earn a heart
    Your absence will be noticed

  • kaddyspark 15w

    Philosophy#dark soul# self help#IIS
    If u put a mind it will be easy☺️

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    Dark soul

    One winter evening,i was happy myself whole
    Suddenly ,I saw a dark soul
    He is in the edge of black hole
    I try to console his soul
    But he is out of control

    Yet, i never give up.....
    I try to friend to dark soul
    And , .......Yeah I got it too

    That dark soul,
    Made me sad
    Made me smile few times only
    Made me think
    Made me realize
    Made me recognize

    What is life!!!!!!!!!

    Still,his out of control
    I try to put a control

    Giving my hands
    For his come back,
    Still, he didn't see
    Not only his eyes
    His heart, mind also doesn't wanna see

    But ,i never stop
    Dark soul

    If u see,
    I'll try to be ur holy water of sea
    U can drown once
    And start a fresh

  • kaddyspark 15w

    Losting in love❤️❤️ just a thought

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    I accidentally step on the thorn's,
    When I lost myself in his eyes.
    I get healed when his lips touch my tip of toes
    And also lost myself fully again

  • kaddyspark 15w

    Change ur view��

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    Why everyone think maturity comes when u conceal ur tears.
    Nope, i think
    Maturity comes when u confess ur wrong boldly

  • kaddyspark 15w

    Always exception��

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    There is no rule without exception
    We have to follow the exception
    Instead of breaking the rule

  • kaddyspark 15w

    # selfllove#avoid suicide#insipration#positivity#
    Whoever read this ,if u have any problems or ur in a depression mode.dont wry frnds
    Just try to recall ur lovable memories..
    Don't kill yourself for a simple things,
    Life is precious . Be positive always happy����������

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    Don't kill yourself

    Don't kill yourself

    It's k if you fail a exam once
    U can write it in a next chance

    It's k if ur dad scold u
    It's only for the reason mold u
    Next time he'll glad u

    It's k if ur bae split up with u
    Another one will made up with u

    It's k if u have debt
    Don't be upset
    Time will be waiting for u yet
    Get up and get
    Play hard to get

    Its k if ur partner cheating u
    Try to prove it, he/she is not Worthing u

    It's k if u don't get loved by someone
    Love yourself first

    Don't kill yourself
    Suicide is not a solution for everything
    If u try to kill yourself
    I hope u should not have the situation
    But if u try,
    Close your eyes...
    Calm your breath...
    Recall ur lovable memories.......
    Discern someone will waiting for u..
    Before u made the conclusion.

    Don't take a decision
    Under a emotional situation

    People say the suciders are coward.
    But I'll say they r brave..

    Yes........ You have the courage to enter the eternity.
    But I don't have

    So why don't u use ur courage to facing issues instead of suciding
    Don't kill yourself.

  • kaddyspark 15w

    # erotic#There is thin line between the erotic and vulgarity and i try to balance that��

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    Lips r dry
    Feel like cry
    Make me more cry
    But pleasurable cry

    His touch my body
    Made my cells moody
    U can call me greedy
    But I don't care buddy
    Now ....I'm ready
    Ravish my body
    Until pleased my needy

    Felt like refine
    When his lips touch mine
    Made myself align
    My soul want his mark of sign
    Now......Your only mine

    His masculine touch my palm
    My horny veins are bloom
    Don't try to halt
    I don't care ,if u think I'm a slut

    Bite lips on his teeth
    Stripped his underneath
    Each and every thrust
    I felt his lust

    My body is sore
    U think I'm a whore
    I don't care
    Burning my core
    Make Love to me more

    Burried my face on his chest
    Quenched my thirst of lust
    Yet his best
    I felt out of burst

    IS IT LUST?????

  • kaddyspark 15w

    #Life lessons#��

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    Life is a teacher
    Whether the teacher gives kudo's
    Or punishment
    It depends on ur action