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  • kalkii 11w

    Life may be a rollercoaster
    Ultimately you have a choice
    Whether to be the rider
    Or passenger

  • kalkii 13w

    Love unconditionally
    Not with
    Terms and conditions

  • kalkii 14w


    Every moment is a blessing in disguise! Celebrate it!

  • kalkii 57w

    Hey human,
    The so called civilised creatures
    We were there in the past
    We are here now
    We will continue to live in the future
    With or without you.
    You, the evolved apes!
    Remember this,
    Often I take revenge
    For your greediness
    In the most cunning way.

    In wrath,


  • kalkii 97w


    I held it in pain
    But it carved the story
    The story of mine
    Paved the way
    For a brand new beginning

  • kalkii 99w


    Indoctrinates the employees of tomorrows
    To be enslaved by global corporations

  • kalkii 100w


    Civilization never ends
    In the wrath of mother earth
    Without the greed of man

  • kalkii 100w


    Rise and set
    In the bed of roses
    Neither tears nor sweat
    Had ever she shed
    But the vanity explains
    His time
    Is all that matters

  • kalkii 100w


    Silently sneers
    Watching me agitate
    Feels wickedly honoured
    For ripping myself apart

  • kalkii 100w

    Because I'm your teacher

    My faith is greater than your fear.