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  • kamakshiverma 7w

    Treasure you hold- fire cannot burn it, you can fall but never fail.

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #inspiration #life

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  • kamakshiverma 9w

    As I look past to those days
    Patches of wounds visible on clouds
    The blue- grey sky knows about blues my heart carries.
    All at once, summer collapsed nd fell... painting mosaic of my life.
    No! It's not a breakup or heartbreak ..
    My wretched heart aches for betrayals and failures.. has taken upon it as a shield everytime.

    Amidst all this chaos, a flickering light of hope ,
    I never let that extinguish....
    My will power...is and always ll be ruler of my heart.

    Even when thieves of positivity break in upon me,
    My armaments ll save this soul from cruel snares.. despair, grief and agony.
    Fiery gem of determination, embedded deep ,
    Will keep shining in all depths and heights.

    Dazzling sun that swallows up all the darkness.
    Moon of grace nd wisdom that after a cycle of tussle, Shines on full day.
    My constant mentor ... guiding that all this ll end one day.
    Only true journey is the journey for that light within.

    #mirakee #writerstolli #writesnetwork #readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli #cees_anthem_chall

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    Fiery gem of determination, embedded deep ,
    Will keep shining in all depths and heights.


  • kamakshiverma 9w

    As the sun gives light, the sensation gives birth to compassion and flowers always spread their fragrance, the same way woman have several time proofed to find brightest path when even for that moment everything seem to be dark in their life... cruel society and sometimes life!!

    In this article I'm talking about a woman who sets different meaning of motherhood in her life... so pure, selfless and beautiful.

    While contemplating her beauty, it is rather difficult to describe in words but still I'm trying to pen down the impression carved on my heart after I got to know about her.

    This lady in blue saree, feeling the sensation of breeze as it gently flew past her.. touching her.. thanking her ; she is no less beautiful than a peacock standing in crop fields, dancing ... praising.. admiring nature.

    The trees around her are not merely trees these are actually her children. With such a love, compassion and devotion, she nurtured them throughout her life.

    This sanskrit shloka by Kalidasa ji (translated in english)
    truly describes mother's love- "There is no shade like mother, no resort like a mother, no security like mother, no other evergreen fountain of life! "
    And this woman has given new meaning and heights to motherhood.

    Now, without further taking your curiosity to another level and testing your patience... Here's the name- "Mata Saalumarada Thimmakkka.

    A victim of society's tabbo, with no formal education, working in quarry as a casual labour ... she was taunted fir not being able to give birth to a child.
    Mata Thimmakka started to plant banyan trees in lieu of children.
    Even her husband's demise didn't stop her from continuing her remarkable journey.

    106 year old, "The mother of trees", planted 8000 trees till now and not just planted them, she used to make fences to protect them at their early stages.
    She has been conferred with Padma shree(2019), BBC recognised her in the list of top 100 amazing women in world and many more.

    But still all this can never be enough to pay our gratitude to this brave and beautiful woman. It's easy to hold debates, discussions and awareness program.. talkabout nature conservation but it requires a lot to actually serve.

    Today someone told me " Always take a glimpse of journey and stages in life of such an inspiring personality".
    I think for today this was the best lesson I learnt and Thimmakka-Mother of trees" is inspiration for this day and coming all the days.

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay #inspiration

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  • kamakshiverma 9w

    This evening while roaming on desserted streets with no buzzing sound, no hustle bustle of people rushing to somewhere. Just me with a soothing feel in my heart and some cute puppies playing around their mother at corners of the street, like in that moment they were most happiest one in whole world.

    The thing which caught my attention and compelled me to stop and think for a while were flowers flourishing, swaying with the winds as they were dancing on a rhythmic melody in a surrounding not so pleasing to eyes.

    What hit my mind was beauty of flowers and lesson they taught me that just need a peaceful and calm mind to understand. Their whispering sound prevailed through breeze, travelling the passage. ..hit my eardrums.

    They whispered... Being a nature lover doesn't means, you just admire and adore the scenic beauty... It is much more than that.
    A true lover will learn countless golden lessons throughout his life.

    Right now, have a look at these blossoming flowers.. don't we teach you to appreciate youself..?
    Appreciate for
    You have been standing by your side in this journey full of hurdles.
    You have been stood firmly facing all the storms and surviving all this like a warrior.
    You have learnt to flourish and bloom amidst numerous thorns.

    And just remember one thing... Never give up bcoz those million buds growing in your heart, fighting all adversities will definitely grow up into glorious flowers and,
    Pay you off for all your struggles.

    Listening to the verses of flower, keeping it safe in a corner of my heart... I came back home... First thing I did;
    I stood infront of a mirror and appreciated myself for who and what I am and want to be.

    #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @readwriteunite

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    Listening to the verses of flower, keeping it safe in a corner of my heart... I came back home... First thing I did;
    I stood infront of a mirror and appreciated myself for who and what I am and want to be.


  • kamakshiverma 10w

    His nature is a stark contrast to the gllitery lights of city which every night, especially in the weekends danced and glittered, buzzing with life, somewhere drowned in lust, infatuations, intoxicated by momentary lapses of joy before returning to bland, mundane routines with the rising sun.

    Though they have met for several times but that day she was going to meet him at his apartment. Somewhat 5..6 kms away from hers, down the local streets.

    As the door opened, a soft and sweet English accent spoke those words "Aah..so good to see you". His gentle lips and smirked smile !! .. Her stupid eyes just stopped for a while to capture that beautiful picture and store them along with best memories in her heart.

    She slipped off her sneakers by the door, a common courtsey before entering further.
    Amidst the hustle bustle of city, his room had a cosy atmosphere with vintage touch. Being an IT lover, she never imagined his room walls would be lined up with pictures, posters and oil paintings depicting the nature and scenic beauty.
    A photo album sat beside telivision with his childhood picture ..there was a girl whom he told is his cousin. OMG !! he was even cuter in his childhood..with this thought jingling in her mind she tried to act normal, that was becoming so hard for her with every minute passing by.

    His brown eyes sparkled slightly at her persuasion to see what was there in hand woven basket right next to the table. And just as she saw them , she was in doubt at her own instant thought "These can't be .. No way !!.. Really , he kept safe every small thing we shared as memories for past two years"? But what else it could be.

    Next moment, they tried to pretend she never saw it and were again busy in watching his amazing collections,the way he kept them safe and close to him....things of past memories related to him or everyone close to him.

    At the very next moment, he hesitatingly tried to hug her from behind, she smiled, stood still , letting that moment sink in for both of them.

    Now, she was finally confessing her feelings how once again she fell for him, today more passionately and deeply.....he being a Retrophile .

    He smiled, whispered in her ears.. I love me being retrophile and I love you more than anything else in this world. By the way , a writer and a retrophile ..I think this is gonna be amazing together.
    This time she hugged him more tightly...!!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersbay

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    A writer and a retrophile

    His gentle lips and smirked smile !! .. Her stupid eyes just stopped for a while to capture that beautiful picture and store them along with best memories in her heart.


  • kamakshiverma 10w

    A magical chant of immortal love..!
    Whether you listen it for the first time or 100th time sitting in verandah, beside the person who's soul is intertwined with ur or probably just you thinking of that special one. It leaves an impression on your heart nd soul everytime, as it did for the first time.

    When we think of love we think of butterflies, heart jumps out of our chest and that sort of mixed feelings you had when confessed ur feelings, weakness and fact that you feel vulnerable, insecure for that one person.

    But this song is much more than that....
    This time I tried to pen down what it feels like to hear it..

    Your whispering voice rummaging through every vein in my body, desire to swallow you up and sink myself in your selfless, pure soul.
    You have touched the deepest chord of my heart and now I want to love you back in million ways..your love so pristine!
    You are like summer morning...lovely, warm and more temperate.
    Like winter nights... cold, serene with golden hues embedded in ur scars.

    I had a glimpse through curtain laces of your heart first time I saw you and now I wish, even when I die my love goes on living and flourish through my verses.

    Our love shall not die till the sun grows old, moon looses it's beauty and stars vanish in the sky.

    And if all this is so real and true.. how this cruel, misguided society could ever do any harm to me and you.. Us!!

    #mirakee @writerstolli @writersbay #love #forever

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    ना उम्र की सीमा हो, ना जन्म का हो बन्धन
    जब प्यार करे कोई तो देखे केवल मन
    होठों से छूलो तुम मेरी प्रीत अमर कर दो ...!


  • kamakshiverma 10w

    अरुणोदय की प्रीत आभा चारों ओर अपनी सुंदरता से सबका मन मोह रही,
    रोम रोम पोर पोर में अलग सी सफूर्ती जाग उठी है |
    ये मन...चंचल ..नादान ,
    मानो मौसम के केसरी रंग में, रंग जाने की हठ कर बैठा है |

    एक देहाती आँख मींजते...सर पर धान की गठरी लिए
    अपनी ही धुन में चलता जा रहा |
    कि, तभी वो तनिक ठहर गया
    आँखों के सामने अद्भुत दृश्य है,
    घर वापस पहुंचने की जल्दी तो है, पर
    इस अनुपम दृश्य को देख कदम आगे बढ़ ही नहीं रहे !

    अजी देखिए ज़रा ...
    कैसे एक पंछी अपने मधुर गीत से
    एक मनमोहनी का दिल जीतने की प्यारी धृष्टता कर रहा
    और वो तो जैसे चकित ,सकुचित , लजाते हुए...
    मन ही मन मुस्कुरा रही, खुश हो रही
    कुछ देर यह प्रसंग यूं ही चलता रहा ...
    फिर जैसे ,
    एक दूसरे के करीब जाकर दोनों ने प्रेम को सहज भाव से स्वीकार लिया|

    और गगन नवीन गीत रंग से गूंज उठा |

    इस मनोरम दृश्य से जितनी उत्साहित प्रकृति थी,
    उससे कहीं ज्यादा वो देहाती...
    जो सहज भाव से वहीं खड़ा सब हृदय में कैद कर रहा |
    सूरज माथे पर चढ़ने वाला है..
    और वो अभी वही स्थिर है |

    परन्तु, मासूम देहाती अब तनिक मुश्किल में है कि,
    देर होने से रूठी ,
    अपनी मनमोहनी को भला कौन सा गीत सुना कर मनाये?

    #mirakee #hindiwriters #hindi #kavita

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    क्या कभी प्रकृति को इतने करीब से देखने, समझने और महसूस करने का मौका मिला है ?
    या आप उनमे से हैं, जो अभी तक इस सुंदरता और उसमें निहित सुकून से वंचित हैं ??

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  • kamakshiverma 10w

    The day my unfulfilled dreams and fantasies ll pour down in form of rain
    This flesh caged in bones ll finally take rest for soo long.
    The essence of memories shared with loving people,
    Everyone that crossed my path...
    Will forever be present yet locked, in a corner of their heart.

    Just, let my dead cadaver for some moments feel this loving nature
    Coz, If there truly exist
    A soul ,
    An after life..
    It must be free from this body to finally rest in nature's lap... serene and divine.

    Through this piece, I call upon all whom
    I'll leave behind.
    Everytime my thought crosses your mind,
    Close your eyes, reminisce best time shared with me
    Whisper your loving words...
    These breeze will bring them wherever I'll be.

    For all those, whom I have hurt in any way
    Not intentionally..
    Yet, by mistake ..
    Your forgiveness, my thought in ur mind
    Will bring my soul at peace nd rest.

    I don't want to be remembered as anybody else this material world defines
    Just remember me for,
    Good deeds, tender heart, kindness and love.
    I am trying to shower in this life
    And ll try in afterlife.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #readwriteunite #cees_memo_chall

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    "I wish to go on living even after death"-Anne Frank

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  • kamakshiverma 10w

    अंतरमन में खुशी और दिल में सुकून हो, तो चहरे की वह सुनहरी मुस्कुराहट अमूल्य है ||

    @malay_28 @rupanshu_sandeep

    #mirakee #hindiwriters #abhivyakti #abhvyakti23

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    खुद के बनाये जीवन उसूलों पे चलकर ,
    करूणा की मूरत में स्वयं को ढालकर,
    अंतरमन में निरंतर चल रहे द्वंद्व से ऊपर उठकर,
    जब नादान..
    आइने के समक्ष खड़ा हुआ ....
    तो स्तब्ध था !!!!

    वो माथे की शिकन जो वर्षों से वहीं थी,
    आज ना जाने कहाँ गई ?
    वो स्वर माधुर्य तरंगे, जो कर्णों को सबसे प्रिय थीं,
    आज नस नस में बह रही |
    चहरे पर मुस्कुराहट भी,
    आज बेहद सुंदर और हसीन है |

    इस मुस्कुराहट का राज़..
    आज दिल की खुशी और सुकून है ||


  • kamakshiverma 10w

    After many weeks, came up with a poetry with slight touch of tenderness, affection and love beyond boundaries ... Love which wishes to flourish forever. This one has my ❤.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #nuance #pod #writerstolli #love #forever

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    The tinted nuances of his blossoming presence
    Bring joy and hope in her heart....
    To bloom even in the darkest nights.
    To wear the flowers of tenderness and
    Carry hues of pure emotions inside.

    He carries magical secrets in his eyes ,
    Like a flawless soul, with imperfections perfectly carved.
    Shimmer in his smile.
    He's .... A reflector of love,
    An ocean of madness.
    So, she find herself sailing and diving
    In depths of his heart in search of life,
    Beyond this universe, where eternity lies.

    And, one day...
    Their love will lighten up in universe with their own light.