"Write a little a day to keep your creativity a raging flame."

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  • kamen1 12h


    A bright spherical orb high in the darkened sky
    It moves in a straight line with no destination to complete
    The light emitted from it shines like a far off star
    Eight rays of light protrude evenly from the sphere onto the reflective ground
    Curious eyes begin to set in it from the passing bystander
    Conspiracies spark and debates roar

    The bright spherical orb never reaching its place
    Disappears from the publics' rant about the unidentified object
    For the bright spherical object was a misunderstanding found at the right time

  • kamen1 3d


    Saying the light is coming through
    When clearly the light is blocked out
    And darkness reigns the room

    You have a smile painted perfectly on your face
    However your smile is painted with deceit
    And false hoods become truth

    Staring at you from afar I see the innocence of a child
    But the moment our eyes lock I see the lustful gaze of a manipulative woman
    And men of great resolve fall

    The moment comes when our lips lock
    A sweet nector feeds my urge while my mind turns blank
    And a passion between us seems real

    I wake up to the warmth of your silky skin
    A wave of guilt floods me as I comprehend the sin I have committed
    And realize I have become another trophy for you to keep

  • kamen1 4d


    Running back to clash with fate
    Sweat skims down my skin
    Breathing in and out
    Losing my will to keep running

    Knowing that I cannot give up
    I look past my pain and set my sights on the finish line
    The dirt under my feet kicks up
    Leaving the other contestants only seeing a dust storm of failure

    I begin to see sight of victory
    However I do not get cocky
    For to much confidence will cause me to fail
    A couple of more feet to go
    I push my legs to the limit
    There is no one else in sight

    I run straight through the paper line
    It breaks with ease and the horn of victory sounds
    I fall to my knees and break down with tears of joy
    Knowing the hard work I have put in for many years
    Has finally paid off

  • kamen1 5d


    Having a senseless conversation
    I sing a hyperbole of glee

    Asking a thought out question
    I sing a metaphorical lullaby

    Wanting the unearned respect of men
    I sing an onomatopoeia of seductive sounds

    Describing the colors of corrupt hearts
    I sing a simile of false comparatives

    Surrounding myself with objects of money
    I sing a personification to breathe life

    Through my life of lies and manipulation
    I sing an allusion to ask for forgiveness

  • kamen1 1w

    Flying High

    Flying high above the tallest mountains
    I look out of an oval window
    My eyes adjust to the sunlight bouncing off of the white wing

    Focusing past the long wing I see countries connected together like puzzle pieces
    I watch as tiny toy cars scurry across the playing bored
    Houses that seem monumental in size appear to be nothing more than a doll house from above

    The shift in perspective leaves me awe struck
    My mind akin to a kids thinks of countless stories to be told
    Stories ranging from being a graceful god watching on as his people live in peace
    To being a scornful god watching on as his people shed blood in war

    Still staring at the window
    I see a flock of birds gliding effortlessly through the wind
    My time basking in this different point of view is cut short as the plane starts its decent
    The seatbelt light turns on and I buckle in
    In the blink of an eye I am back on land
    Looking up at the clear blue sky
    I sigh hoping for the chance to have a birds eye view one more time

  • kamen1 1w


    A tree sways in the dying light
    Shadows cast in sporadic directions
    Deep howls echo from within the forest
    Leaves fall to the grown with a dignified grace

    Grass plots are turning white
    Dirt piles mush together in a muddy delight
    Dust devils that have no dust relay the nip air
    A traveling man shivers in the falls cold blare

    Bundled tightly in his tattered clothes
    The old man who wanders goes
    With a passion unkindled he walks aimlessly
    He walks as the light begins to aside

    Walking along he passes the swaying tree
    A leaf flows to the mans feet
    He hears a howl coming from the forests deep
    From there he steps on the grass plots turning white
    To end up in the dust devils cold nip tight

    He keeps walking till the sun sets
    Laying out a blanket he decides to settle around
    Starting a fire he becomes very tired
    The thoughts of his empty passion keeps him awake
    For the man wants to live his life without leaving any mistakes

  • kamen1 1w


    Stress impeding like a cork screw about to pop
    The information I learned starts to ease out of my memory
    The paper in front of me slowly starts to blur
    I can hear the subtle ticking of the two hand clock
    The more I stare at the problematic paper
    I realize staring pensively at it will only cause harm

    I squeeze the black erasable pen in my right hand
    Inhaling a calming breath of air
    And force the pen to touch the paper
    A black mark turns into numbers
    Numbers turn into formulas
    Formulas turn into equations
    Equations turn into solutions

    My hesitance has begun to fade away
    I punch my past self with the worry it made me go through
    I finish the test with ease
    Handing in my paper with a graceful smile
    Satisfied with the effort I gave

  • kamen1 2w

    The Tiny Man

    A tiny hole
    In a tiny hill
    Houses a tiny man
    The tiny man
    Has tiny hands
    That makes tiny fans

    His tiny shoe
    Fitted on his tiny foot
    Takes a tiny journey
    His tiny foot
    Goes out into the tiny world

    His tiny thought
    Sets inside his tiny head
    The tiny thought
    Plants a seed of a tiny plan

    His tiny eyes
    Watch tiny birds
    Flap their tiny wings
    The tiny birds
    Land on a tiny tree

    A tiny life
    In this tiny world
    Lives a tiny bit
    The tiny life enjoys
    His tiny gifts

    A tiny gift
    With a tiny push
    Lets him do a tiny more
    Till one day
    The tiny man realized
    He was tiny no more

  • kamen1 2w

    Inner Demons

    Worthy of the praise from the masses
    Inner demons laugh at me with false fares

    Flashes from camera lights force me a smile
    Inner demons strut a provocative pose

    Questions from interviewers bring truth to my lies
    Inner demons use my tongue as a conduit

    The fame of pleasing others
    Leaves a deadly taste in my mouth

    At home I drown my guilt with drinks
    Inner demons bask in the rain I provide for them

    My inner demons have won many battles
    However I have not given up on the war

  • kamen1 2w


    My body is cold
    Cold enough to die
    My fingers are purple
    Purple enough to cause concern
    I cannot feel my feet
    Feet are still trudging through the deep snow
    My vision is hazy
    Hazy enough not to see my foggy breath
    My clothes are wet
    Wet enough to cause hyperthermia
    The snow is raging against me
    I will not last much longer
    My mind grows distance
    Distance is the one thing I want less of
    I collapse in the snowy plain
    Fatigue has finally taken me over