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  • kamusa1 6w


    Spirituality is innate, your conscious and soul are like monozygotic twins inseparable and alike.

    That's why when your conscious wants to do something either good or bad, your soul will always be there to assist and question.

    For all our actions and decisions are based on our innermost soul that should be guided by our spirituality

  • kamusa1 12w


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    Eyes like an angel
    Heart like fine gold
    License to love and an insurance to hold
    Cherish the transition always

  • kamusa1 13w

    Roller coaster

    Life is like a roller coaster

    Just as a niddle in haystack, every turn, every bend has a twist

    Embrace every moment with zeal and a magically twirled heart

    For even though the bends are unpredictable hope is life.

  • kamusa1 15w


    Someday life is like a mirage twisted
    Everything composed is truly oriented
    For some day I reminese with my mind rested
    I can't rush it for second chances are melted

    For even though the hearts tricks I will tame it to be educated

    For opportunities comes once in one's cycle grasp it before its rusted

  • kamusa1 20w

    As you find me

    And I know I don't deserve these kind of love
    But somehow this kind of love is who you are
    It's grace I could never add up
    To be somebody you still want
    But somehow

    You love me as You find me

  • kamusa1 27w


    Be strong! It may be rough now but remember it never rains forever, for seasons like autumn come and go

  • kamusa1 28w

    An Eagle

    Motionlessly , with stealth it hoovers in the dark sky,

    With eye's like a binoculars, it monitors with precision every movement down below,

    For an eagle will dare and risk for survival as it preys on a sapent that has a deadly venom.

    For we all are like an eagle every step we take, we do it with zeal and risk for everyone has his/her own season to blossom and mature with dignified ambition.

    For even if we fail today, tomorrow brings new beginning full of grandeur.

  • kamusa1 50w


    Summer is here with rainy drizzle Africa my continent my home

  • kamusa1 50w

    Life is misty

    The road ahead seemed so bright, then i woke up the sun upsurged over the horizon, My feet excited and tingling to run outside the fields , The air unblemished the morning is fresh and full of life, The birds dance retro with hope and bliss in there smiles. Life is misty full of intent , my mind contemplates as the morning recommence.

  • kamusa1 50w


    With swarg her gorgeous figure captured my whole, marveled by her enchanting eyes my soul was mesmerized