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  • kanika12888 1w



    "Use sanitizer & mask!
    Complete cleanliness task!"

    "Avoid stress! increase awareness!"

    "One metre social distance
    Reduce infection chance"

    "Be Awake! Avoid hand shake!"

  • kanika12888 1w


    Perform domestic chores like cleaning, gardening,playing etc.


    _LESSEN SEDENTARY TIME(Aim to interrupt sitting & reclining time every 30 min.)
    Prioritise cognitively stimulating activities like reading,board games.

    Relax,meditate & take deep breaths.
    Eat healthy (plenty of fruits & vegetables)
    Stay hydrated
    Limit intake of salt,sugar &fat.
    Prefer whole grains over refind foods.

  • kanika12888 4w

    There is nothing wrong in taking advice from others but what matters the most is to recognise what is right & what is not.......

  • kanika12888 5w

    Transfemoral IC socket.....

    Stump was too short
    Amputation was transfemoral
    I started loosing my moral
    In the socket,Ischium was contained
    Prescribing a TF prosthesis, I was trained
    My confidence started boosting up when I started to ambulate
    AP walls were made to accomodate
    The excessive muscles of femoral region
    Now,it started pressure's uniform division
    Weight was relieved from bony prominences
    Lateral wall kept in abduction
    But it needs further rectification
    Quad. socket had ML wide walls
    Rectified medially,when groin pain calls
    Quad. got a lateral shift,IC was such a gift
    ML walls in IC were narrowed
    I'm an athlete
    My aim was bowed
    Aim to ran so far,activity level is k4
    Its all because of TF prosthesis that I wore.......

  • kanika12888 5w

    Wheelchair operation.....

    The work was more
    Couldn't even walk on floor
    Have to stand for long
    To walk again,chances were rare
    But I did it with a wheelchair
    It was just a self-controlled
    Putting my hands on thighs,I sat keeping, back straight
    Then hold the pushrim
    Using my hands to ambulate
    Extended the arms,flexed elbow & the wrist
    Hold with fingers, thumb at side,made a clutching fist
    Pushed the rims and opened the gate
    Gate to new fresh life was near
    Propelled the back wheels,large and rear
    Front were small,made of castor to give direction
    It was just like an imagination
    Force was different on both sides, that I applied
    Wheelchair began to move on side
    Was it left or right??How could I know??
    It was the side at which speed was slow
    Moved straight when the speed was more
    Now,it was on same force on which I ride
    At first,I moved it to front, then backside
    Applied the brakes on the surface inclined
    First slowed the speed then stopped that ride
    Now,I wanted to walk with my legs, on my own
    But my legs muscles then had so less tone
    I tried to walk again
    Using the crutches then I adopted a cane
    Tone was then intensified
    For the first time,I felt so independent to walk After having that wheelchair ride....

  • kanika12888 5w

    Ek din ghati ek esi durghatna
    Maano toot gya ek hi pal me ,mera har sapna
    Kya kahoon, Apne bhi mere hone lage the gair,
    Jab khoye the meine apne ye pairr,
    phir ek din mili mujhe chain ki sans,
    jab suna meine Prosthetics ka naam

    Sapnon ko mila ek naya aakaar jab mila ek prosthetist ka saath
    Banwake ek prosthesis, meine phir se ki shuruwatt,

    Socket ko maana sathi, pylon se hone laga rishta purana,
    Cheetah foot ko saathi bnaakr seekha mene, bhaag kr mushkilon ko pichhe chhod aana.

    Suspension ki samasya ne bhi roka nhi kabhi,
    Iradon ki mazbooti ne diya sahara.
    Adaptor ne paristityon mein adapt karna sikhaya,
    Mujhe aaj khudse rubaroo karwaya.

    Haan ! Sabse alag kuch khass hun me
    Apno se chahe door hu aj,par khudke behad paas hu me
    Sapno ko haqiqat bnakr yeh jeevan firse sajana h
    Ha....ab kuch adbhudh kr dikhana h
    Dikhana h is duniya ko bhi ki mere ye sapne nahi h in haalaton k mohtaaz
    De rahe h aj ek hausla,mere yeh buland alfaaz.....

  • kanika12888 5w

    Never let the quitter
    Win over the winner in you!!

  • kanika12888 5w

    This world is just like a garden
    With many unique colourful flowers......
    In many situations,some blooms and some become dry.....
    Maybe they forget their worth or stopped to try.....
    No matter what the situation is
    Recognise your unique fragrance.....
    Even a dried flower has persistent smell
    Do you think that you've nothing??
    Wait a minute,just stop a second....
    You have this second,this opportunity,a unique ability
    Ability to spread your fragrance
    Fragrance of kindness,love and care.....
    And that unique fragrance what only you hire.....
    So,after being dried you may give the best
    Just keep in mind....even in your worst kind
    Like a dried flower,you can give fragrance to its passerby.......
    Irrespective of their status,their nature and miserable life......

  • kanika12888 5w

    Don't miss this moment in missing!!

  • kanika12888 6w

    Never misinterpret "goodness" as "granted"
    Understand the difference!!