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  • kartzz 2w

    Every superhit Movie surprises the audience after Interval, by bringing some unexpected twist to it.

    And so is applicable to our life,

    Intervals are much needed for movie of our life to be Supper Dupper Hit.

    Take a Break from daily life and gear-up for Upcoming Thriller experience.


  • kartzz 3w

    It was never about Rejection
    It was all about Acceptance

    You can't be defeated unless you accept it.


  • kartzz 4w

    Some people don't stay as friends forever
    They become Family and share a bond that can never be Shattered or Scattered


  • kartzz 4w

    We need to be a better version of ourselves as we all know outdated are usually thrown in trash.

    Realizing weakpoint and striving hard to over come it, will surely leave us with full of confidence and then we will have nothing to loose.

    It's good to be afraid, because then only we can gather courage and face it.

    First one's are always different but not impossible.

  • kartzz 4w

    She will never express how special you are to her, but she will surely kick the "ASS" speaking "ILL" about you.

    She is the only one you have got among her kind.

    Make sure you don't hurt her or keep you ASS ready to be kicked.

    Remember, She is Special......

  • kartzz 4w

    Nothing can be considered as Permanent Neither Success not Failure.

    The only thing that matters is being consistent irrespective of the odd's and not the performance.

    Aim High while feet are grounded and remember nothing is permanent.....

  • kartzz 6w

    Success does not account for revenge,
    it's all about "PPP"


  • kartzz 7w

    A world that revolves around me

    The stars of my eyes I look up to


  • kartzz 10w

    We think,We know, how things are going to end, but remember
    The Last Page of the Book always holds a miracle and is yet to be written.

    Focus on today being better than yesterday is going to count drop by drop and each drops matter.

    Keep Shinning

  • kartzz 12w

    Sometimes getting a Thank-you from someone close seems a bit offending.

    We never tend to do something for someone just to turn on the favor.

    All we do is completely out of love.

    Instead of saying a formal Thank-you, we must learn to to appreciate the people who love us and mean it.

    Start loving though heart and not brain.