Karu my name.. engineering.. expressing my words to all��interested to be encouraged

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  • karunyasri 4d

    Happy birthday my dear grandma

  • karunyasri 6w

    Unsolved questions

    Gathering of thoughts will give us a success or heavy heart?
    Guileless manner will lead us or broke us?
    Whether enjoying our life without any expectation worthless or meaningful?
    Answers for the above questions are pending pages of life

  • karunyasri 9w


    Day of mine makes me to think more and more

    My emotions are overlapping as it in fullfilled pot

    The faces are repeatedly moving like a waves infront of me

    I am irritated but i am keeping my silence out

    My brain and my nerves are getting fired but i am maintaining my silence as a calm burner with hot water

    After everything overed when i see the world by lifting my head i am not able to see the universe as tears are filled and my emotions are blinding me ...

    Pain builds as strong as stone but emotion makes us down .....

  • karunyasri 10w


    Every scintillating ideas arises from the person considered as a failure

    May our transistional hardworks leads to uncomfortable failure

    But aruduos failures leads to adorable success

    Clandestine of our success are our failure

  • karunyasri 11w

    I found the true kindness in you
    I found my soft comfort zone in you
    I found my key of dark prisonin you
    I found my peaceful world in you
    Atlast i am finding my unconditional love in you

  • karunyasri 15w

    Happy Diwali

    I am wishing u all safe, prosperous and a glad full diwali
    Enjoy ur diwali with a belief that all our success will be brighten as crackers
    And all our sorrows, betrayals and failures will
    Turn into ashes

  • karunyasri 16w

    Who are carvens

    Those who load mistake on us by deleting their entire mistakes

  • karunyasri 20w


    Don't ever expect to recieve happiness from others, instead think to give happiness which will be returned to u in massive form

  • karunyasri 21w

    Every dark dusk of yours
    Will deduce with a beautiful dawn...
    Enjoying both dusk and dawn of yours will book your name in history...

  • karunyasri 22w

    Heartful life

    I don't need a person who share a single colour heart in status.
    I need a person who shares whole heart to me throughout my life❣️