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  • kasak_sk 4w

    Nahi chaahlye chaand aur taare,
    Naah hi World Tour ka khwaab

    Bas itna sa har roZ waqt nikaal lena,
    Fursat se mere sang do pal baith lena

    Apne haatho me mera haath le lena,
    Aur yuhin aankhon se kuch
    ankahee baatein keh dena

    KI teri aankhon me doob kar
    main bhi apne saare gam bhul jaaun,
    Aur tujhe bhi teri thakaan se thodi
    raahat dila paaun

    Aisa hi tum kuch jaadoo chalaa dena,
    KI nahi ho hume fir kisi aur se
    kuch lena dena

    Duaa hau ye upar waale se ki yeh,
    sapna sach ho jaye.
    Main teri aur tu mera ho jaye.

  • kasak_sk 4w

    You assured me that you
    will love me forever,
    You told me that
    your love is true,
    Then why did you
    leave me alone,
    I feel like I have been thrown,
    From your life,
    I still love you so much,
    I still long for your touch,
    Will keep loving you so!


  • kasak_sk 4w

    Don't let the miles between us
    Keep our love apart
    Just listen close and you will hear
    The beating of my heart

    No distance, will ever keep
    My heart from loving you
    There are no mare tears for it to weep
    For a love that runs so true

    I'll be there with you one day soon
    To love you everyday
    And then my heart will sing a tune
    And you will hear it say

    I've finally found my one true love
    As true as one can be
    And now your all I'm thinking of
    Forever stay with me


  • kasak_sk 5w

    Is it just me, or do you feel it too
    My soul suffocates, when I'm away from you
    Dazed and burnt out
    Tired and lonely
    Silently suffering
    In this wretched agony
    Weakened from the wore
    Don't know what to do
    As I count the starts
    Thinking about you...


  • kasak_sk 5w

    With my arms wide open
    My unspoken words, a bare bosom
    A gesture I crave for, from your end
    To colour my dreams,
    Tame million heaves.

    If I could even know, The art of fly
    I would cross the horizon beyond the sky
    To make you understand
    How I felt and withstood
    The thrill, the throb
    the resonance of
    deep sigh
    you were not around.


  • kasak_sk 7w

    Silent Tears

    Each day as evening starts to set The ache builds in her chest She knows that she must go to bed And try to get some rest.

    She hugs her tearstained pillow close When no one is around And cries for one she loved and lost And screams without a sound.

    Others see her in the day And think she's doing well But every day as evening sets She enters her own hell

    Time hasn't healed her pain at all Or quieted her fears So every night, alone in bed She sheds those silent tears.


  • kasak_sk 7w

    The Passion Of Your Eyes

    The passion of your eyes,
    The purity of your soul
    The deep connect within,
    The wanting of that role
    Can't stay far from you my love,
    Because, you are now a part of me
    You are a part of my destiny
    I love you!❤️


  • kasak_sk 7w

    Lonely Am I

    Lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days
    Lonely am I, in so many ways

    Lonely are the seasons
    Lonely are the years
    So lonely am I, that it brings tears.

    Lonely is this place
    Lonely is my life
    Lonely am I, that I reach for a knife

    Lonely is this court room
    Lonely is my sentence
    So lonely am I that I ask for repentance.


  • kasak_sk 7w

    The Keeper

    You were like a dream

    I wish I hadn't slept through;

    within I fell deeper

    than your heart would care to let you.

    I thought you were a keeper I wish I could have kept you.


  • kasak_sk 8w

    Love Hurts

    Everyone says that love hurts

    But that not true.

    Loneliness hurts.

    Rejection hurts.

    Everyone confuses these things with love.

    But in reality love is the only thing in the world

    That covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.