Oblivion #words are words until you keep them #a writer by accident than by design

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  • kashaf028 1w

    It is important to have high aspirations but your hard work should match with your aspirations!

  • kashaf028 3w


    There is a right time for everything,
    Like life's a steeplechase,
    And ur supposed to have supposedly crossed those hurdles,
    For these are the preconceived and preassumed bars of society u should chase,
    And burger u If u don't......
    You are too late!
    What if u tried and tried hard but in vain,
    What if you might have paused to contemplate,
    Your own bars ... your own chase
    You don't qualify the trade!
    But hear me out ....life is no one Nintendo game ....
    Yours and mine a different race
    Don't quantify me with your yardstick
    I might be late according to you but not yet failed!
    I might be down but not out!

  • kashaf028 4w

    A lament

    Swayed by sentiments,
    Engrossed with the yearn to earn the coveted,
    The heart is never content,
    It only laments,
    Laying down clause and agreement,
    But alas! Cause the prospect itself is perplexed,
    In illusion of something which can never be perfect.

  • kashaf028 10w

    A terrible Father

    I never understood you as a father or as a human being,
    I hated lies and you always lied to me,
    In the paucity of every circumstance,
    Your ever old cliche of "I'll manage it",
    All I wanted you to speak was reality,
    But you could keep up the masquerade to fulfill all our fancies,
    I wasn't mature enough to understand the jargons of your world or appreciate your forbearance,
    Papa but you should have tried to explain it to me!!
    I was scared of your unbridled confidence when the world around us was shattering,
    But you could chose to be anything but ordinary!
    Your damage more invincible ,
    Your loss more irrevocable,
    But you could bluff them all with your fake smile!
    I hated that you never paid heed to the sage advices,
    But what I could not understand was the fact that even if your ways flawed, your intentions were right!
    I abhorred that you weren't there when we needed you,
    But what I didn't understand that your absence was to fulfill a bigger need,
    Mistook your stiff upper lip with indifference,
    Your silence is something I decipher now with time!
    Yes you were a terrible Father,
    Your friends said you were a "Gambler"
    And at the end you gambled with your own life!!
    I had always wanted to run away from you,
    But ironically you ran away from me!
    But all these days you prepared me for this ,
    So here I stand, a terrible daughter trying to figure out her terrible Father,
    But unshackled of any grudge or repent,
    As now I will always have you with me!!

    I miss you papa

  • kashaf028 12w

    Scrolling down a poem,
    My mind perceived the part of the spectator,
    In between those emoticons of like and love,
    Everywhere and whenever
    applause of awesome and well done,
    Lie a few......
    Who genuinely go through,
    And non publically appraise the mistakes!!
    In this fabricated social media page...
    It is that critique which illuminates!!

  • kashaf028 13w

    Teacher's pet and friends saviour,
    The striking balance of sincerity and fun,
    Punctilious in every project at hand,
    And not giving a second thought while helping your friends with the same,
    You are the most happy and easy to go with person....
    Always keep the Amicable smile that wins all heart ❤️!
    Happy Birthday My partner Prema!

  • kashaf028 15w


    What is Love, she asked herself...
    Is love a comfort like blanket in cold,
    Or that discomfort you are ready to own!
    Is love lying about to bring a smile,
    Or letting the loved one realise!
    Is love about happiness,
    Or is it about sacrifice,
    Or is it about being happy even after the sacrifice!!
    Should love be unconditional,
    Or it should be given back!
    Can love be practical,
    Or is it about everything that is but sane!
    Can we fathom it's depth,
    Or it's debt can only be felt!
    Is love about letting go ,
    Or it's about holding on even when there is no hope!!
    I don't know what love is,
    And whether I can love,
    But one thing is for sure ...
    We have all been loved.

  • kashaf028 15w

    Planes and trains

    A colossal lounge,
    Magnanimous and sumptuous architecture to gaze on,
    And plentitude of food courts to feast upon,
    But unlike the railway stations where you dime a dozen,
    Certainly it's a bit steep!
    The folks either immaculately dressed or absolutely carefree...
    But either ways preoccupied with their own identities!
    Unlike the trains where you make companions over long journey,
    The flight journeys are subsumed with uncustomary silence,
    Ironically the clock ticks even slower in the shortest time span,
    Not that it's not fun to fly beyond the clouds,
    To witness the earth sparkling lights like stars in the evening sky,
    But u gonna adore that for once or twice,
    And then just shut the windows and doze off until it's time,
    Unlike the train journeys where I still fight for the window seat and can spent hours staring the landscapes, people and places passing by,
    And catching for the local snacks at stations crossing by!

  • kashaf028 18w

    Unflagging and unwavering,
    Like breathing a daily routine,
    Chanting a rhythmic hymn,
    High on dreams....
    Mortgaging your being,
    In pursuit of where u want to be!
    Forfeiting the immediate pleasures,
    Abandoning every peace,
    Leaving yourself unsettled and uneasy.
    You might not always be fuelled,
    Neither u can always keep up the vitality,
    With Every resource limiting,
    You have walked miles and there are still miles ..
    As you walk in dark full of uncertainty,
    But don't you tremor !
    For this is a gamble ...
    And you are a destitute gambling!

  • kashaf028 21w

    Like a bolt from blue,
    Unforeseen thunder in the clear blue,
    Loosing my sense of proportion...
    The vehement and incessant shout!
    My body shivers as I scowl !
    Can you hear me?
    As I fail to hear myself out.
    More than others, giving myself the ground ,
    The outpour and surge of emotion,
    Not that it makes me lighter, now that it is out,
    But abashed and embarrassed as I drown,
    This anger is an unsolicited weed that burgeons out...
    Ironically from the very own seed of insecurity I had buried deep underground !